Stacey Baca left ABC 7 Chicago to spend more quality time with family


Stacey Baca left ABC 7 Chicago to spend more quality time with family

By the looks of some USA news networks, some anchors are choosing to take a step own from their roles in presenting the news and are shifting their priorities in life. Both Stacey Baca and Christi Paul departed from their anchor jobs in 2022 and decided to focus more on their families. Following the pandemic, a focus on family is clearly of growing importance to many people around the world.

Christi Paul left her job at CNN and is returning to her home state of Ohio in 2022 and Stacey Baca is also choosing to leave her job in Chicago for more time with her loved ones. Replying to one of her fans on Twitter, it doesn’t look like work is her top priority after leaving ABC 7 Chicago, but Stacey Baca is keen to have an adventure in her retirement.

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Stacey Baca’s last day on air

June 26th, 2022 is officially ABC 7 Chicago presenter Stacey Baca’s last day on air.

She joined ABC 7 Chicago in 2002 and after 20 years as an anchor, she’s now left the station.

On Instagram, she writes in her bio: “News hound, obviously, but also a military spouse, devoted daughter, crazy auntie, traveler, outdoor adventurer, and wannabe runner.

Stacey can be found on IG @staceybacaabc7 with over 7.6K followers.

She shared a throwback compilation of her time at the news station in May 2022.

Stacey announces her departure

Back on May 2nd, 2022, Stacey Baca announced that she was leaving ABC 7 Chicago.

Stacey shared with viewers in that she was making a life-changing decision to leave her job at ABC 7 Chicago. She said that she had made the choice to leave one of the “best jobs at the best new station in Chicago“.

Stacey thanked the station’s general manager and the vice president of news for “understanding and respecting her decision“.

Stacey says her priorities shifted

In May 2022, Stacey Baca said that she was leaving her role in order to make space for more family time.

She said that she and her husband want to spend more time together. They also want to spend more time with their family and friends. Stacey said that they want to “travel while they’re healthy” and enjoy “more life” and “less work“.

The news anchor said that her “priorities are shifting” and she said that now “time is her most valuable asset“.


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