Storage Wars fans will be pleased to hear that filming is underway for a whole new season. If the 14th season coming out earlier this year wasn’t enough, Casey Nezhoda has gone and confirmed the news of another run.

The bidding show first hit A&E in December 2010. Fast forward to 22 years later and it’s still going, with some cast members sadly no longer appearing, and others leaving then returning again, such as Barry Weiss in season 14.

So when Casey confirmed that a new season has begun filming, fans were ecstatic to hear the news. We’ve got all the details so far on what can be expected from upcoming episodes…

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Storage Wars is filming again

Casey Nezhoda let slip that a whole new season of Storage Wars started this week (starting May 2nd). She revealed the news on Twitter on April 30th, and congratulated her fellow cast members for working on more episodes so soon.

It comes just over two months since season 14 began airing on A&E, on March 8th 2022. Barry Weiss, Kenny Crossley, Lisa Delarios and Ivy Calvin all returned to the show for the current season.

The finale of season 14 aired on April 19th, which has left a hole in many hearts without new episodes. However, the cast members are currently bidding on storage units and are filming a whole new season.

When did filming wrap for season 14?

Filming for season 14 only just wrapped in April 2022, before the final episode of season 14 aired on A&E.

Although A&E have not confirmed Storage Wars season 15, Casey’s confirmation was enough for most fans. It was the key information needed for those who have been eagerly waiting for new episodes since April 19th.

Brandi Passante and Rene Nezhoda shared a video on Facebook on March 24th, which confirmed they were still very much filming the latest season. Then, a new season began being filmed during the first week of May.

Hanging with the lovely Brandi Passante filming another exciting episode of #storagewars Storage Wars on A&E reality tv making money on A&E

Posted by Rene & Casey Nezhoda Storage Wars Fan Club on Thursday, March 24, 2022

Everything we know so far

Casey and Rene Nezhoda will be back for season 15. However, other cast members have kept their lips sealed about whether they will feature on the upcoming episodes, which is likely down to an A&E contact.

Brandi returned for the last season with new partner Bozek, so it is thought they will also be back for more episodes. Dave Hester also was back for the 2022 season, so it’s unlikely he’d be going anywhere so soon.

The absence of Jarrod Shulz in season 14 saw many miss his bids on Storage Wars, but he hasn’t made any announcements to return for the upcoming season.



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