Street Outlaws star Wayne Varley confirmed that he was on the “road to recovery” in July 2022 after undergoing heart surgery in 2018.

The street racer is a familiar face on the Discovery show with his 1980 Ford Fox Body Mustang, famously known as the “Gold Car”.

Many of Varley’s fans are wondering what happened to him as he hasn’t been active on his social media pages. Last summer, the auto shop owner and racer confirmed that he was recovering after a surgery.

Who is Wayne Varley?

Varley is a legendary street racer based in Oklahoma and the owner of the auto repair shop Varleys Auto.

He got his first repair job at the age of 14 when he fixed the water pump of his father’s car. He grew up in Yorkshire and moved to the United States at the age of 16.

After moving to the US, he landed his first job at McDonald’s and saved money to purchase his first car. He started racing after he bought his iconic 1980 Ford Fox Body Mustang.

While Varley became a staple name in the racing scene in Oklahoma City, he gained further popularity after appearing on Street Outlaws. He joined the show in 2013.

What happened to Varley on Street Outlaws?

Varley underwent a heart surgery in July 2018 which is why he has been absent from the popular reality show and social media.

In a Facebook post in July 2022, he said he was on the “road to recovery” and praised his bride Denise for never leaving his hospital bedside and supporting him throughout the whole time.

“She never left my side since then I’ve had multiple surgeries she never left my side,” he explained. “She is a god sent she still cares for me.”

Before his surgery, Varley actively shared updates and pictures with his followers on the Facebook page. The last post on the page is a video posted in August last year.

on july 2018 i went in for heart surgery, my bride Denise was there for me cared for me stayed at the hospital with me…

Posted by The Gold Car on Friday, July 8, 2022

Fans pray for his recovery

After Varley shared an update on his health, many fans of the Discovery star sent him messages of support and prayed for his recovery.

“Glad you are on the road to recovery,” one fan wrote, as another one said: “Glad to hear man keep on the road to recovery.”

“Sounds like you found a keeper!! Glad you’re on the road to recovery,” someone else commented. A fourth viewer added: “Glad you’re getting better and glad you have her praying.”


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