Survivor fans are suspicious that cast members have been completing puzzles at home as some cruise their way through challenges in 2023.

The CBS show’s 44th season kicked off in March. Carolyn Wiger, Helen Li, Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho, and many more contestants make up this year’s cast. They were separated into three tribes – Tika, Soka, and Ratu.

During episode 6 of the series, hosted by Jeff Probst, the contestants had to complete puzzles. It appeared to fans that some of the cast members had experience in the games already.

Still from Survivor 44 shows three teams standing on beach listening to Jeff Probst talking
Photo by Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Survivor fans convinced cast do puzzles at home

Survivor season 44 episode 6 saw the contestants complete puzzles and now fans are calling for production to switch up the challenges.

Although Survivor fans have great fun recreating the show’s puzzles at home, it could be proving an unfair advantage for some of the contestants.

Many cast members prepare for their time on the show in advance and this can involve practicing the show’s puzzles as they’ve been the same for many years.

Carson bosses the challenges

Carson Garrett may be the youngest competitor on Survivor in 2023. However, he’s come to the game super prepared.

Many fans of the show took to Twitter after Carson cruised through the puzzle during Survivor.

While they said they “love” the contestant, many are calling for the puzzles to be updated as it could be unfair that many of them can be practiced at home.

One person tweeted: “As much as I admire people practicing challenges at home it feels like it’s time to retire some puzzles. #Survivor #Survivor44.”

What is the Survivor tree puzzle?

Some contestants are memorizing puzzles before they even set foot on Survivor ground.

However, some Survivor fans are just keen to join in on the fun and enjoy recreating Survivor’s puzzles at home.

One popular puzzle to complete at home is the Survivor tree puzzle.

Many replicas of the show’s puzzles can be found online. Etsy sellers stock the tree puzzle as well as many more from the popular CBS series.


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