Since joining the show in season 12, fans of Swamp People have kept up with Cheyenne Wheat’s hunting achievements. However, there’s also been an interest in her personal life too. In the last week, the star had some exciting news to share. This got people wondering if Pickle Wheat on Swamp People is now married.

After the star of the quirky reality TV took to her social media to reveal that she was pregnant, fans of Swamp People have wondered if Pickle Wheat is married. Though she publicly dated co-star Chase Ladry, who was married to Chelsea Kinsey, it looks as if Pickle is now with someone else.

Cheyenne Wheat Makes Pregnancy Announcement

The 27-year-old took to her public profile on Facebook a few months ago to subtly announce that she was expecting her first baby. However, Pickle, whose real name is Cheyenne Wheat, made it even more official yesterday (March 9).

The Swamp People star posted a picture on her Instagram of her cradling her growing bump, confirming that she was expecting a baby girl and that her name would be Maemi Rae.

Choosing International Women’s Day to announce her pregnancy news to her followers, she took the time to acknowledge all the women who came before her daughter.

Fans were quick to congratulate Pickle, telling her that Maemi will “have an amazing role model in her Mama.”

This will be Pickle’s first child, with her daughter expected to be born in May of this year.

When she first joined the show, Pickle was the youngest member as well as one of the very few women. As the new series of Serpent Invasion begins, she’ll now be joined by new cast member Tes Lee to show women are just as good in the swamp. It seems as if the female power is only growing on the reality show, with Anna Ribeck joining series 14 of Swamp People too!

Is Pickle Wheat on Swamp People married?

No, Pickle is not married but has a boyfriend Joshua Kippes, who is the father of her baby.

Fans had been trying to work out if she was still dating Chase after the two got together in 2020. Pickle took a break from her Instagram after deleting pictures of her ex-boyfriend. Luckily, she has now returned and shares lots of loving pictures with her new boyfriend, Joshua.

Not much is known about her new beau as if isn’t a fellow Swamp People cast member. However, he does have a son who helped the pair share the happy pregnancy news. Although Joshua has an Instagram account, it is private, so we don’t think he’ll be joining the show anytime soon.

Pop Culture confirms that the two are not yet married and that he is her boyfriend. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future, particularly now their family is growing. Fans of Pickle will have to keep an eye on her social media or any hints on the History Channel show for any exciting updates!

Hopefully, little Maemi will be making an appearance on Swamp People, or Swamp People: Serpent Invasion. If she’s anything like her mom, she’ll be a dab hand and getting those gators.

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