The 1000-lb Sisters star showed off her rarely-seen sunflower tattoo in a recent TikTok. However, it was Tammy Slaton’s Torrid talk that really captures fans’ attention and she teased a collab with the brand.

Both Tammy and Amy Slaton share much of their daily life on TikTok in between the 1000-lb Sister series. Whilst waiting for the TLC show, fans often get a snippet of their lives as mothers and wives, as well as using funky filters just like the rest of us.

However, in a short clip uploaded yesterday (April 20) Tammy Slaton not only showed off her stunning tattoo briefly, but also mentioned a Torrid collab. Exciting fans, everyone’s eager to know more.

Tammy Slatton teases Torrid collab

The clip was only 15 seconds long, but it gave fans enough to talk about.

Posing for a moment or two, the reality TV star went on to say, “Torrid should sponsor me.” She laughs briefly after saying it, before seeming to mumble, “just kidding,” but it’s difficult to make out.

Tagging Torrid in the caption to get their attention, the video has over 70k views already, and Tammy’s fans are loving the idea already.

“Absolutely they should!! Coming in here looking cute as hell!” One commented, with another agreeing, “Yes they should you look amazing girl!”

For those who aren’t aware, Torrid is a plus-size clothing brand based out of the US. They offer clothes from US size 10 up to 30, with everyday wear, cute summer outfits, and swimwear to get everyone beach ready.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a partnership or collaboration between the two yet. However, we’re not sure that’ll stop fans from crossing their fingers that it’ll happen someday!

Tammy showed off her gorgeous chest tattoo

Before teasing fans about Torrid, Tammy spent some time showing off a rarely-seen tattoo.

Placed high on her chest, the tattoo is a detailed sunflower amongst leaves. Partially hidden by the top she’s wearing, it’s not certain if there is more to it than she showed off. Seen briefly before on her social media, the flower is believed to be joined by a purple butterfly, so it’s all full of color!

Fans knew that the star had tattoos, but this one is less often seen due to its placement. Though most were focused on the Tammy Torrid talk, there was still some love for the pretty tattoo, “I luv the ink,” one commented.

Lots of comments were all well wishes after Tammy recently underwent weight loss surgery. Fans saw the star get approved for the procedure in series 4 of 1000-lb Sisters. Now, they can’t believe how great she looks. Many who have been watching from the beginning can’t believe how far she’s come.

“I have been watching the show from day one! Im very proud of you keep up the good work beautiful”

Clearly having a good 12 months, the star also got married in 2022, which fans were also able to watch on the show in the series finale last month. However, many now believe Tammy is single after ‘self-love’ talk.

Unfortunately, season 5 has yet to be confirmed. But we’re sure the popular duo, as well as the fan-favorite brother Chris, will be back on our screen in no time.

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