Teretha's scales have seriously gone down since My 600-lb Life debut
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Teretha's scales have seriously gone down since My 600-lb Life debut

Teretha Hollis-Neely took the decision to take Dr. Now’s help, after she appeared on My 600-lb Life. Ever since, she has dramatically improved her life, and is on her way to being considered one of the TLC show’s success stories.

The series sees participants weighing at least 600 pounds share their eating habits, before following a diet and exercise program, with the ultimate goal focused on being approved for weight loss surgery.

Teretha initially weighed 700 pounds when she made her initial debut, but fast forward several months and you won’t believe just how much she has transformed her appearance since then.

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Teretha on My 600-lb Life

Teretha appeared on the TLC show in 2017, when she had been unable to move from bed in two years. Weighing over 700 pounds and on oxygen, she was a long way from her former job representing Detroit’s healthy eating program.

Hoping for a gastric bypass, the then 47-year-old from Detroit was one of the heaviest women to participate in My 600-lb Life, who said her eating habits had all stemmed from childhood trauma.

When Teretha was 11, she was molested, which led to binge-eating for comfort. Then aged 15, she fell pregnant. But her lowest point was when she lost her job as a program coordinator for the City of Detroit’s Health Department. 

She realised she would die if she didn’t turn her life around and therefore decided to enrol in Dr. Now’s weight loss program. To visit him, nine paramedics had to carry her from her bed to the van that would take her his Houston clinic.

Her scale numbers have dropped

With a goal to lose more pounds, she initially was able to lose 210 lbs in the first four months of the program itself, qualifying for weight loss surgery. This led to a total of 300 pounds off her initial weight after the procedure.

Teretha then continued to exercise from her bed, and revealed her blood pressure had become stable.

She made it to the edge of her bed and sat up for the first time for years, but admitted she was trying to get out of bed. Her husband Derek was often the person to care for her, but she was too heavy for him to help her.

By the end of her year and the episode, Teretha had lost an astounding 339 lbs making her final weigh-in at 441. She was able to stand with some help. But during her follow-up episode in 2020, she admitted she is still bedridden.

She said she has tried to be healthy and stay fit but had gained 30 lbs in just a month. The TLC star also got the operation on the lymphedema in her legs and went to rehab, where she was finally able to walk again little by little.

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Where is the TLC star now?

Teretha isn’t giving up, and looks slimmer than ever in recent photos. Fans even noticed that her cheek bones are noticeable after she shared a November 2021 picture celebrating her 55th birthday.

She no longer seems to be bedridden, as she was pictured sitting on the sofa with loved ones for her special day. The star is more active on Facebook, where she has a page specifically set up for her weight loss journey.

Just hours before writing this article, Teretha uploaded a new Facebook profile picture [see above] looking incredibly glamorous with a face full of make-up. Her cheekbones are even more evident to see, and she has done her hair!

The My 600-lb Life participant is also no longer wearing an oxygen tube and seems happier than she ever has. Several fans described her transformation as “amazing” and have encouraged her to keep going.



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