Dating show The Bachelor is now airing its 25th series, and has stayed loyal to viewers since day one. Can you watch the series live on Hulu?

Over the years, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have provided an easy, alternative way to watch several shows, when TV isn’t quite cutting it.

Subscription service Hulu allows viewers to watch reality shows like The Bachelor – for example, if they missed an episode while airing on TV.

So can you watch The Bachelor live on Hulu? Here’s your how-to guide!

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When does The Bachelor go on Hulu?

  • Every Tuesday

Each episode of The Bachelor airs live on ABC every Monday at 8pm.

However, many fans prefer to watch it when it gets uploaded onto Hulu in the early hours of the morning, which is usually around 2-3am on Tuesday.

Can you watch The Bachelor live on Hulu?

  • Yes

If you are a Hulu and Live TV subscriber, The Bachelor can be streamed on the subscription service at the same time it airs on TV.

However, if you hold the standard Hulu subscription, you will not have access to watch the ABC dating series live – but can watch it on catch up.

For those who might be waiting for a pay check, Hulu and Live TV can be used as part of a free trial – for a limited time!

How to watch The Bachelor live on Hulu

If you cannot wait to watch The Bachelor on catch-up, we’ve got you sorted.

You can watch the show using Hulu’s live ABC streaming service, which requires you to have a Hulu and Live TV subscription.

If you don’t already have one, choose the ‘Sign up now’ option, create an account and when done, select the free trial button for Hulu and Live TV.

However, if you are logged in, you can choose the free trial option in the top right, which allows you to sign up and input your payment details.



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