Kaity Biggar is one of The Bachelor contestants hoping to bag Zach Shallcross as her partner in 2023.

ABC’s The Bachelor kicked off its 27th season on Monday, January 23 and there are 30 ladies for fans to get to know.

Zach was a contestant on season 19 of The Bachelorette and now he’s swapped places to become The Bachelor. Let’s find out more about Kaity. The Bachelor star impressed Zach with her jokes on arrival.

Meet Kaity from The Bachelor

Kaitlyn ‘Kaity’ Biggar is a travel ER nurse who hails from Kingston, Ontario.

She’s 27 years old and can be found on Instagram at @kaityylane where she has almost 5k followers.

The Bachelor 27 start splits her time between Austin, Texas and Ontario per her IG bio.

Her Instagram page shows her living her best life cuddling her pets, floating in the pool, hanging out with friends and hitting the bach on the regular.

Kaity impresses Zach

The Bachelor season 27 episode 1 saw Zach meet all 30 ladies before they head into the show’s mansion.

When Kaity arrived and met Zach, she said that he was “so handosome.”

Kaily added: “A fun fact to know abut me is that I’m also from Austin, Texas and judging by what I can see right now, I can confirm that everything is bigger in Texas.”

Zach laughed and said that he could see the joke coming, adding that it was a “really good entrance.”

Although Kaity’s entrance got some positive comments from Zach, she had a lot of competition as each of the ladies had a unique way of greeting The Bachelor.

Some arrived with a pig in tow while others opted for a party bus to chauffer them to the mansion.

She is a fan favorite already

Judging by The Bachelor fans’ tweets during episode 1, Kaity is already a fan favorite of the 30 ladies.

One person tweeted their favorites during the season 27 premiere: “Charity, Brianna, and Kaity must be protected at all costs.”

Some even think that Kaity will make it to the end of the ABC show: “Christina Mandrell and Kaity are my early favorites and I haven’t even checked reality steve to see who wins yet.”

Another wrote: “I think kaity and charity are locks for final 4.”

Many also took to Twitter to say that Kaity’s joke about her ex was funny. Some included snaps of the moment where Kaity walked past a trash can and said: “Oh, I didn’t expect my ex to be here.”



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