Colton Underwood is one step closer to finding the women he will spend the rest of his life with, and maybe it’ll be Tayshia Adams.

Tayshia is one of four of the last remaining girls vying for Colton’s heart. However, competition is even more fierce than before.

If you’re still unsure on whether Tayisha is the perfect women for this year’s Bachelor then perhaps these seven exclusive finds from her Instagram will help put your mind at rest.

Tayshia Doesn’t Need to Flaunt it on Social

It looks like one-piece bathing suits are back in style all thanks to Tayshia.

From different styles and colors, it’s no wonder she flaunts it.

She’s obviously a very modest girl, however, as this is as raunchy as it gets on social media for Tayisha!

She Prefers Smiles Over Smut

There is nothing better than to see someone else smile so big.

Tayshia’s Instagram proves that you don’t need to clog feeds with revealing teases and bikini shots. At least not when your smile is as contagious as this…

Tayshia is the Ultimate California Girl

Although Tayisha is from Orange County, she has seen more than enough of California.

From Disneyland to Newport Beach we can’t help but want to stalk her page.

She’s a Total Goofball!

Tayisha loves to be herself and have fun, which is a far cry away from the ‘fake Insta’ lives that most people want to portray on the social media platform.

Tayisha flaunts and frolics across Instagram with family and friends.

Make sure you follow her at @tayshiaaa.

Tayshia is a Total Foodie

Tayisha doesn’t only post pictures of her adventures around California.

She also posts all of the great food that she tries. Colton, you’re spoilt…


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