Despite the drama seemingly always dragging on, Bachelor in Paradise contestants are only filmed during a short amount of time. Fans of the show want to know: just how long exactly does the show film for?

Bachelor in Paradise has wrapped up another series, and viewers were left shocked by the, as expected, explosive finale episode.

As we finally get to see how things ended, or didn’t end, between the couples, let’s take a look back at the show and explore everything we know about the filming of the show, such as the filming time and location…

How long does Bachelor in Paradise film for?

Bachelor in Paradise only films for three weeks.

According to the Instagram page @bachelordata, this year filming began around June 7 and wrapped up around June 28.

However, it may seem longer to viewers as the show is aired over a longer time period, and the drama seems to always be dragging on.

Where is Bachelor in Paradise filmed?

Bachelor in Paradise is filmed at the Playa Escondida Resort in Sayulita, Vallarta-Nayarit, in Mexico.

The show has been filmed in the same location every year since season two.

You can actually stay at the hotel and live out your Bachelor in Paradise fantasy. The website even has a “romance” section, which encourages potential customers to “show her you care… rekindle the fire… celebrate your love!”

The resort offers guests the chance to take a trail ride, relax with yoga, surf and paddle, visit whales, golf, and hike. Rooms range from $180 to $495 a night and you can choose between a beachfront room, one with a tropical view, or one with an ocean view.

Fans react to finale of Bachelor in Paradise

Warning, the following contains spoilers from the finale of Bachelor in Paradise.

As always, the second the finale aired, viewers ran to Twitter where they began to share their reactions. Shocking, emotional, and jaw-dropping are all words you could use to describe the episode, though of course, Twitter fans preferred to react with memes.

Let’s take a look at some of the funniest reactions to the Bachelor in Paradise finale…

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