The final episode of Bachelor in Paradise season eight saw Shanae call it quits with Joey, mostly due to their age gap. Fans have been left wondering: How old is Shanae?

Despite Joey’s optimism about their relationship, with him feeling that the two of them were “definitely on the same page,” they didn’t last.

For Shanae, Joey was too young and she decided that she needed someone closer to her own age.

How old is Shanae on Bachelor in Paradise?

Shanae on Bachelor in Paradise is 30 years-old.

She celebrated her birthday in April and shared a picture of her blowing out a birthday cake with the number “30” on the front. “So Very Blessed,” the snap was captioned.

Age is the main reason she decided not to take things further with Joey, as he is six years younger than her.

She said: “I want a man, I don’t want someone on TikTok.”

Hilariously, despite Joey’s denials, it turns out that he did end up making TikToks. To give him some credit, though, his page only has eight videos on it, so he’s not mega active.

Shanae discusses age gap with Joey

Maturity is important to Shanae, who said that she is scared by the fact that Joey is living with his parents.

“The age gap kind of scares me,” she said, “I’m looking for someone a little more independent.”

Shanae explained that she feels more like Joey’s “fun, cool aunt” rather than his girlfriend and she is “not looking for someone that just like, continues to be a social media freak.”

She continued on to tell Joey: “you’re a great person, but I’m not looking for that.”

Does Shanae from Bachelor in Paradise have Instagram?

Yes, Shanae from Bachelor in Paradise does have Instagram.

You can follow her at the handle @shanae.a, where she has just over 58 thousand followers.

It makes sense that Shanae felt so strongly about her partner not being into social media, as she only has 23 posts on her grid. Shanae mostly shares shots of her with friends and family, and the occasional selfie.

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