Did you know Bennett Jordan was engaged before he appeared in The Bachelorette? Here’s his ex-fiancé revealed!

Season 16 of The Bachelorette is well underway and a firm favourite amongst the cast is Bennett Jordan. He chose to stay and pursue Tayshia Adams after Clare Crawley’s departure, and it’s made for an action packed series.

But did you know Bennett has actually been engaged before? Here’s everything you need to know about his former relationship.

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Who is Bennett Jordan?

Bennett Jordan is a 37-year-old Harvard graduate from Atlanta.

According to his LinkedIn, he studied Government with Spanish at the prestigious university and now works at Whitney Partners as a managing director in New York. In simple terms, he works in finance, and he used to work at Citibank too.

He has 115,000 followers on Instagram and shot into the limelight after appearing on Season 16 of The Bachelorette.

Bennett has been engaged before

In The Bachelorette, Bennett has been romantically linked to Tayshia Adams, and in one of the latest episodes, he actually revealed to her that he has been engaged before.

After fake proposing to Tayisha during one of the challenges, he was surprised by how emotional it made him feel, and then decided to open up to her about his past engagement. He said:

“I’ve seen bad marriages, I’ve seen bad relationships. I think sometimes when people get married, it’s for the wrong reasons. And basically, I was close, and I knew it wasn’t right. But today was a massive pivot point for me. When you’re on your knee, having been in that situation in the past, things got real…It was a reality check…one that excited me…I never thought this was going to happen and I’m so excited for it.”

So who was Bennett engaged to?

Who is Jordan Bennett’s ex-fiancé?

According to reality tv blogger Steve Carbone aka Reality Steve, Jordan Bennett was engaged to a woman called Liz Brim.

Reality Steve did a bit of Facebook stalking, and found a series of photos that show the pair together, proving that the pair were in a relationship until at least August 2019.

Liz posted an engagement announcement to Facebook in February 2019, showing a large diamond sitting on her finger with the caption: ‘Greetings from Tulum for a very important announcement’.

Holiday photos show Bennett and Liz in Tulum, Palm Beach and New York, and from the Facebook posts it seems as though she called him by the nickname ‘Ben’ rather than his full name.

The pair are believed to have dated since 2015.

The photos on Facebook have since been deleted, however, there is still a photo of Bennett and Liz that was posted 287 weeks ago on Bennett’s Instagram.

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