Who is Cassidy Timbrooks on The Bachelor?
Screenshot from Bachelor Nation's YouTube video titled: PREVIEW: Will Clayton Take Back Cassidy's Rose? | The Bachelor

Who is Cassidy Timbrooks on The Bachelor?

Cassidy Timbrooks is amongst the 22 women hoping to win the heart of Clayton Echard on The Bachelor.

The Bachelor is back with a bang, as we watch familiar face Clayton back on our screens once again. So far season 26 certainly hasn’t disappointed, and Cassidy seems to be amid the drama.

Reality Titbit have explored who Cassidy Timbrooks is, and even had a peek at her Instagram…

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The Bachelor | Full Trailer

The Bachelor | Full Trailer

Who is Cassidy Timbrooks?

According to The Bachelor website, Cassidy is “a bold, blunt woman who isn’t afraid to say how she feels or do what she wants”. The 26-year-old has her eye on one thing and one thing only, and that is Clayton.

Hailing from Arizona, Cassidy works as an Executive Regional Recruiter. Prior to this, she worked multiple bartending jobs in both LA and Boston.

She has the brains to match the beauty, as she graduated with an Associates degree in Business Administration and Management from Arizona State University in 2016. In terms of her love life, Cassidy is looking for somebody who can keep up with her fast paced lifestyle and matches her adventurous nature.

The Bachelor: Cassidy has been branded as the season 26 villain

Just two weeks in, the cracks are already starting to show within the contestants. Cassidy has been the talk across social media due to her antics previous to the show.

This came from a conversation between Sierra and Cassidy, where Cassidy revealed that she has been hooking up with a guy on and off, and they even Face Timed just before she bet Clayton. This made the other women and even viewers question her true intentions for appearing on the show.

When Sierra broke the news to Clayton, he was shocked and asked host Jesse Palmer if anybody has ever taken a rose back before…

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Cassidy on Instagram

Cassidy’s time on The Bachelor has been nothing but entertaining so far, on what she has called “the most delicious season ever”. So, it was only right that Reality Titbit found the reality TV star on Instagram, to update you on what she’s been up to both before and after her appearance on the show.

She currently has 4,510 followers and 92 posts on her account, and states in her bio “taker of great risks. believer in the grander plan”. From her Instagram we can see that she spends the majority of her time in California, and a lot of time in a bikini.

Cassidy announced on her Instagram in 2020 that her father passed away. She wrote in a meaningful message that he hadn’t been in her life for a while, and that she will forever regret allowing her pride from reaching out to him.



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