Chrisley Knows Best is back every Thursday night, showing us the ins-and-outs of Todd and Julie’s family lifestyle. The latest season suggests they were living in a rental home during filming – but why?

Although Chloe is nowhere to be seen, the family have gotten used to packing their bags and moving to their next home since as far back as 2014. And we’ve seen the drama and fun between them unfold on Growing Up Chrisley, too.

So, just why were they living in a rental home for the latest season? We’ve got all the clues which point to exactly why they don’t tend to stay in one place – and it all comes down to the reality TV family wanting more privacy.

Chrisley Knows Best - Season 8
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Fans question Chrisleys’ home situation

Viewers of Chrisley Knows Best have noticed that the family are always moving to different rentals. However, Todd and Julie actually live in Tennessee and are currently on home arrest, as per Daily Mail.

When the Chrisleys once moved in with Nanny Faye, viewers had a lot to say. One said: “How many times does he have to move? Good grief. Live in a house longer than a day.”

Another wrote: “They move every day. I cannot be that inconsistent.” Other fans were convinced the family literally had a new home every single episode, but they tend to stay in the same property for the entirety of each season.

Why were the Chrisleys living in a rental?

The Chrisleys want to keep moving for privacy reasons. As cameras show exactly what the outside and inside of the family’s property looks like, they prefer to stay in a rental when it comes to filming.

Reports say the Chrisley family moved to Nashville, in a more secluded neighborhood, because of tourists who have been visiting their property. Currently, Todd and Julie are on house arrest in their Tennessee home.

They decided to wave goodbye to their previous home and upgrade their living quarters to a new residency in Nashville. This is because the family want to keep moving for privacy.

Todd has previously revealed that “security is a big issue”, with the family’s former mansion featured on the show in the past. However, the home had started to draw unwanted attention from tourists.

Despite this, Todd still uploads pictures of his home to Instagram, where he has over two million followers!

Todd and Julie are on house arrest

After being found guilty of bank fraud and tax evasion on June 7th 2022, Todd and Julie have been placed on house arrest while facing up to 30 years of imprisonment. Their daughter Savannah has been seen delivering them food.

The couple are staying in their six-bedroom, 10-bathroom home worth almost $3 million. The arrest comes after they allegedly used false bank statements and audits to obtain $30 million in loans from banks, as per Daily Mail.

Insider reports that Julie Chrisley allegedly submitted inflated financial records in an attempt to secure a $13 million a month Los Angeles rental, which they were almost instantly late on paying rent for. 

Chrisley’s attorney said they plan to appeal the verdict and will ‘continue to fight until they are vindicated.’ The reality TV pair will be sentenced in October later this year.



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