The popular History Channel show The Curse of Oak Island‘s 2022 season is in full swing and here’s a look at the cast of season 10.

Oak Island debuted in 2014 and eight years later now, it is in its 10th season.

For the unversed, Oak Island is located on the southern shore of Nova Scotia and has intrigued treasure hunters for two centuries now. A legend says the island is hiding one of the greatest treasures in the world but no one has found it yet.

Hence The Curse of Oak Island sees the Lagina brothers – Rick and Marty – trying to solve the mystery with their band of treasure hunters. The brothers have bought the rights to much of the island so as to avoid any competition.

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A look at The Curse of Oak Island’s 2022 cast

The principal treasure enthusiasts on The Curse of Oak Island are brothers Rick and Marty. The duo hail from Michigan and have become well-known reality stars over the years.

Rick and Marty notes that Rick Lagina is a retired postal worker from Northern Michigan. Despite his line of work being starkly different from treasure hunting, he has dreamed of solving the Oak Island mystery since the age of 11.

As a youngling, Rick had read about the Oak Island mystery in the January 1965 issue of Reader’s Digest. Now, at the age of 70, Rick still continues his quest to unearth the riches.

Younger brother Marty, on the other hand, is an engineer who owns an energy company. Given his scientific background, Marty is highly skeptical of whether there’s something hidden on the island.

Craig Tester

Craig is Marty’s former college roommate and current partner in the energy business. The engineer is an expert in drilling and resistivity.

Craig was actually an ex-wrestler and even defeated some good wrestlers back in the day, as per Famous Face Wiki. However, he chose not to pursue it professionally and became a successful businessman instead. says: “Don’t let his calm, cool and collected demeanor fool you. With a wrestling background, he’s not one to mess with.”

Gary Drayton

Gary is a self-taught expert in metal detecting, who has helped Rick, Marty and their team unearth some of Oak Island’s most magnificent finds such as coins, semi-precious gems and also a 14th Century Lead Cross.

Alex Lagina and Jack Begley

Alex is Marty’s son while Jack is Craig’s stepson. Both Alex and Jack are integral members of Fellowship of the Dig. Like his dad, Alex has an engineering background.

On the other hand, Jack is one of the keenest members of the fellowship. He is interested in everything from clue-finding to drilling and digging to unearth something.

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How many episodes of Oak Island season 10 have aired?

The Curse of Oak Island season 10 premiered on November 15. At the time of writing, four episodes of the show have aired. The first episode – On Their Marks – sees Rick and Marty uncovering evidence of a mysterious tunnel.

Episode two, titled Across the Pond, aired on November 22 and the third, Bubbling Over, came out on November 29.

The latest episode, Wharf and Pieces, came out on December 6. It sees Gary unearthing multiple artefacts near an old ship’s wharf.

What treasures have been found on Oak Island?

Most of the Oak Island episodes revolve around the plot of the Money Pit. The Money Pit is a more-than-100-feet-deep shaft said to have been discovered in 1975.

Some Money Pit treasures have been found during episodes of the show.

However, the Fellowship of the Dig has also found other items like ‘lot 8’ of the 32 four-acre lots. notes the Lagina brothers also found a jeweled brooch near where treasure hunter Daniel McGinnis had lived.

The website further notes that a piece of chain was found with some bones at a neighboring borehole.



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