The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch live tour is officially on its way for the first time ever. Without the big screen, we’ll be able to hear the paranormal tales experienced by the daring team in person, but how do you get tickets?

Astrophysicist, aerospace engineer, and optical scientist Dr. Travis Taylor, Principal Investigator and Chief Scientist Erik Bard, ranch superintendent Thomas Winterton, and Chief Security Officer Bryant “Dragon” Arnold will be participating.

For years, the Skinwalker Ranch team has been looking into the world’s most mysterious hot spot for UFOs and “High Strangeness” phenomena. Now, they’ll share all their scary stories; we know you don’t want to miss it.

A+E Networks And Mischief Management Present AlienCon Los Angeles 2019
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The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch live tour

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is launching its first-ever live tour in November 2023. A date was rescheduled to November 8 at 8pm and went on sale on February 15, with several tickets available to grab right now.

All ages are invited to attend the first live tour date, held at The Pabst Theater, Milwaukee. Other tours are at:

The cast will be doing their live tour for four days running, detailing all of their discoveries. They are making history in 2023 as they do a live tour for the first time, having spoken at events like AlienCon before.

How to get your hands on tickets

History fans can purchase tickets on AXS. Ticket prices start at $35 and go up to $55.75 for a closer seat to the stage, where the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch cast will share their paranormal stories.

Viewers can also go to The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Live website to explore the different tour dates and buy tickets there. VIP ticket add-ons can also be purchased for $92.39 including access to the after-show photo opportunity.

The show was originally due to take place in the spring, but dates were rescheduled to winter. Panelists such as Thomas Winterton have been promoting the live tour since as early as March 2023.

Cast to share paranormal stories

From mysterious animal deaths to hidden underground workings and possible gateways to other dimensions, the cast will share all about the team’s close encounters that go beyond conventional explanation.

They will also spill on what’s next in the attempted quest to reveal the ultimate secret of Skinwalker Ranch and tell the audience just how close to finally unveiling that big secret, as well as what they’ve been working on.

Alongside the live tour, History has revealed that a lucky fan can win an out-of-this-world trip for them and a guest to visit Skinwalker Ranch accompanied by their favorites from the show, including a guided tour.

A+E Networks And Mischief Management Present AlienCon Los Angeles 2019
Photo by Paul Butterfield/Getty Images


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