There are many mysteries at Blind Frog Ranch still remaining in 2022. Chad Ollinger, his father, Duane, and the rest of the crew at Blind Frog Ranch are determined to find treasure on their land during the Disovery series but every episode it seems that there are new hurdles to overcome.

Blind Frog Ranch first kicked off in 2021 and it seems that there were too many unsolved mysteries for the Ollingers to leave it at one season. The show returned to Discovery for a second season on January 7th, 2022 and episode 8 sees the team faced with an invisible gas cloud.

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home | Official Trailer | Magnolia Network

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home | Official Trailer | Magnolia Network

Blind Frog Ranch season 2 episode 8: Gas cloud explored

Blind Frog Ranch season 2 episode 8 sees Duane, Chad, Eric, Jamie and co continue their search for hidden treasure on their Utah land at Blind Frog Ranch.

Episode 7 involved the threat of radioactivity and it seems that the same issues they’re facing have spilled over into episode 8.

After drilling a hole into a cavern to gain a dry access point, the team had concerns over radioactivity emitting from the hole as well as poisonous gases.

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Are there deadly gases in Utah?

While exploring the cavern in episode 8, Chad and the team are met by a deadly and invisible gas cloud.

It’s not revealed on the show what the gas is but some deadly invisible gases include carbon monoxide and radon.

In 2019 KUTV reported that carbon monoxide poisoning were on the rise in Utah, where the Blind Frog Ranch is located.

According to AirThings, Radon gas is more “pronounced near mountain ranges” in Utah.

What do fans make of the findings at Blind Frog Ranch?

Many Discovery viewers take to Twitter each week when Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch airs.

Judging by peoples’ tweets, lots of fans were following the findings of the Ollingers and the team, however, following episode 7, when there were intruders on the land, it looks like some people have lost interest in the show.

Some are still on board with solving the mysteries at Blind Frog Ranch though, offering their thoughts on Twitter. One person tweeted: “Should’ve been pumping fresh air into the cave overnight.”

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