Lance Waldroup from Moonshiners has sadly passed away. The news of his death was confirmed by Discovery. He died on February 25, 2021, in North Carolina and was 30-years-old at the time of his death.

The reality star had been an integral part of the show and appeared along with his father, Jeff Waldroup. Fans were quick to fall in love with the duo as they tried to prepare moonshine. Quite often, Lance would need help from his father as he struggled to make the perfect formula.

Lance Waldroup death

The news of Lance’s death was confirmed by Discovery in a statement that read, “Lance Waldroup spent several years on MOONSHINERS, bootlegging out of North Carolina with his dad, Jeff. While he was younger and less experienced than other moonshiners on the show, Lance is remembered for his ambition to learn the tricks of the trade and distilled all sorts of spirits, including moonshine, absinthe, and scotch.”

At the same time, Moonshiners’ official Twitter page wrote, “We are saddened to hear about the loss of Lance Waldroup, an adventurous distiller who was featured alongside his father throughout the early seasons of Moonshiners. He will be sorely missed.”

Twitter reacts to news of Lance’s death

Several people took to Twitter to react to the news of Lance’s death. “Sad to hear that Lance Waldroup from @MoonshinersTV has passed away. I’ll never forget the episode when him and his Dad attempted to make absinthe, their reaction was priceless,” read one comment.

Another added, “To all the shiners that we have so much fun on Tue nights. Prayers to Lance and much respect the family during this time.”

“Omg no. Lance was the only child in his family who lived past birth, his father Jeff had already lost other kids. I once had some moonshine made by Jeff and Lance, it was indescribably pure. What a tragedy, prayers for the Waldroup family,” wrote another user. “This is so sad. I’m sending prayers to his family. Too young to die. May he rest in eternal paradise,” read another comment.

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