Unexpected: What happened to Myrka's grandmother and aunt? Show pays tribute to them
Myrka (TLC YouTube)

Unexpected: What happened to Myrka's grandmother and aunt? Show pays tribute to them

Unexpected paid a special tribute to at the end of their latest episode. However, what happened to Myrka’s grandmother and aunt?

New-season of TLC’s Unexpected allowed viewers to follow the lives of teen moms. The show gave a glimpse of the struggles that these soon-to-be moms have to face. From their family crisis to what society expects of them, the show gives viewers a reality check. One of the cast members of the show is Myrka Cantu.

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What happened to Myrka’s grandmother and aunt?

As the latest episode came to an end, viewers would have noticed that TLC paid a special tribute. With a family photo being displayed on the screen, the message read, “In loving memory of Myrka’s grandmother Juana Villarreal Garcia and aunt, Sanjuana Cantu Villarreal.

The tribute further revealed that their death took place in October 2020. As of now, no cause of death has been known. Myrka has not commented on the news of their death on her social media profile.

Several fans of the show were shocked to hear the news. Meanwhile, many expressed their condolences towards the family.

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Myrka’s story on the show so far:

Myrka has been struggling to get along with her mother, Liliana Cantu Villarreal. The show highlights their differences quite well. However, there have been discussions about what really happened between the two.

Myrka had revealed she had a fallout with her mother due to the pregnancy. However, her mother stated that Myrka decided to leave the house on her own terms. Things became complicated in their relationship when Liliana was not present for Myrka’s ultrasound.

She later stated that Myrka never informed her about the appointment. It is unknown at the moment who might be telling the truth. However, as per Soap Dirt, Myrka and her mother seemed to have rekindled their relationship as Liliana shared a picture with Myrka’s baby on her social media.

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