Love and Hip Hop Atlanta shines a light on cast members in the music industry, such as Rasheeda and Kirk. But who is assistant Var Mar?

He appears on the reality TV series on September 27th, as the assistant manager of the couple’s restaurant Frost Bistro and Bar.

Var Mar took over the managerial duties of the eatery while Rasheeda and Kirk enjoyed a holiday abroad, and he had some feedback about staff.

Reality Titbit has the lowdown on what happened, and who Var Mar is…

Who is Var Mar?

Var Mar appeared on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta while Kirk and Rasheeda went to Dubai on holiday.

He took the role of Assistant Manager at Frost Bistro and Bar, alongside Ky who has been running the restaurant since its opening.

Var Mar on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Kirk and Rasheeda returned from their holiday in Dubai to Frost Bistro and Bar. Rasheeda said that they did not trust their kids to run the bistro so they brought in a temporary manager, Var Mar, to help run things while they were on holiday.

They said that if he impresses them they will hire him permanently, but things went downhill from there…

When Rasheeda asked Ky if there were any issues while they were away, Ky responded:

There are a few issues, them being a little lazy towards the end of the night… like all the servers. A lot of people were taking other people’s food and stuff like that.

Var Mar then chimed in and said: “Bringing the food out, it’s supposed to go to one table but it’s mistakenly going to another table.”

Var Mar then revealed that someone was stealing food from the restaurant directing the blame towards Ky, and said:

I don’t know whether you’re inviting your friends to come in and you’re giving them free food… it’s being stolen because now the food has got to be remade.

Fans react to the revelation on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Fans were shocked by the revelation that someone was stealing food from Frost Bistro and Bar while Kirk and Rasheeda were away.

Therefore, several fans took to Twitter to show their frustration.

One user tweeted: “Slimy people will find a way to “slime!” Sad. Lemme keep watching…teachable moment for business owners.”

While another said: “Wow now that is not cool at all.”

In fact, the restaurant is now hiring workers, so if you think you can be trusted as a worker there, you can send a resume to [email protected]



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