‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ came to an end with some shocking revelations during the reunion episode. The episode made us wonder – what happened between Whitney Thore and Ryan Andreas?

Whitney and Ryan had been business partners and produced content for No BS Active together. The project had been very special to Whitney, and Ryan had helped her through it all. However, the reunion revealed that Ryan and Whitney are no longer friends. So what exactly happened?

What happened between Whitney and Ryan?

Whitney and Ryan worked on the project together, but their differences were starting to come into play. The reality star had expressed her desire to move back to Greensboro. However, Ryan did not seem happy about this decision at that time.

Tension grew between them as the pair wondered what would the future of No BS Active look like if Whitney moves away. Fans sniffed trouble when they realized Ryan was no longer followed by the No BS Active Instagram page. Since the pair already had doubts about their business, fans seemed sure they had fallen out.

Apart from their business problem, Whitney and Ryan’s relationship was shaken when Chase Severino cheated on her. Chase and Whitney had met through Ryan, and their friendship was soon turned into romance. After their split, Ryan had expressed his thoughts on being in the middle of all the drama.

Even though Whitney did not reveal the real reason behind them ending their friendship, it looks like personal and professional reasons led to the demise.

Where is Ryan Andreas now?

Ryan has been active on social media. In his recent post, he spoke about moving on. “A lot can change in a year. I refuse to get worse, and I refuse to stay the same. Moves must be made. Still got my boy with me and we’re only going up,” he wrote.

It looks like Ryan has already ventured out on his own. He recently shared about his new business ‘My Training Partners.’

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