Alexx Blanks had appeared in season 1 of ‘Ready to Love.’ He managed to gain a lot of popularity but was had a health scare soon after. Here’s a look at what had happened as we look at his update.

When the show aired, Alex and Ashlee Akins were dating. However, the relationship did not last for long. The pair ended their relationship after three months, and Ashlee opened up about it in an interview. Keeping reading to find out what went wrong in their relationship.

What happened to Alexx?

In November 2018, Alexx was admitted into the hospital after he complained about not feeling well. After running some tests, the doctors found out that Alexx had brain flu. It even led to Alexx going into a coma for two and a half months.

“I died twice in the hospital. My lungs collapsed,” Alexx said at that time. Even after waking up from his coma, Alexx struggled to talk, write, or walk. He said at that time: “I had sensation but like I couldn’t move and that’s a scary feeling, you know?”

Despite the hardships, Alexx managed to stay strong through it all. He decided to enroll in rehab therapy and work on getting physically and mentally stronger. He said: “I want to be able to stand on top of Stone Mountain like, ‘Yeah, life is just that more important to me.’”

How is Alexx doing now?

Alexx is doing fine. He often posts updates on his social media. Right from showcasing his exercise routine to the food he eats, Alexx tries to interact with his fans as much as he can.

The last post that he made was on March 24. In it, Alexx advised his followers to believe in God and let Him guide the way. “Trust God and leave it to him! STOP OVERTHINKING. the devil knows what you want and know how to discourage u‼️‼️” he wrote.

Why did Alexx and Ashlee split?

In an interview, Ashlee revealed she broke up with Alexx because of some things she found out about his past “that weren’t truthful.” At the same time, Ashlee explained there were moments when she and Alexx’s mother did not meet eye-to-eye.

Revisiting the split Ashlee said: “We spent 90 days dating after the show. We hug around, he met my family, everything was great, but I am not his wife. There was a lot that I could not say. There were a lot of my opinions that were not taken seriously or things that I said. I just had to take a backseat. It was hard for me to be such a strong individual and being so vocal.”

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