What happened to Chico on Moonshiners? His absence explored

What happened to Chico on Moonshiners? His absence explored

Moonshiners returned on Discovery Channel for another season, and many fans have been wondering what happened to Chico? Here’s a look at what he has been doing.

The latest season of Moonshiners saw some familiar faces missing from the show. Chico was one among them. The show revolves around people who have been using different methods to illegally brew alcohol. This season, the cast members try an age-old technique to produce new flavors.

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What happened to Chico?

A rep for Discovery Plus had confirmed that the couple would not be appearing on the show anymore. At the moment, the reason behind this is unclear.

This decision was made by the couple when they welcomed their son back in 2018. It is possible that the pair wanted to focus on their family and decided to step away from the show.

Despite this, Chico is still mentioned in the cast section on Discovery Channel’s website. His description reads: “Kentucky outlaw moonshiner Chico is a man always on the lookout for opportunity. As fearless as he is funny, Chico throws his entire being into every endeavor he undertakes. His passion for brewing moonshine never flags, but his business acumen is supreme. When he isn’t brewing and slinging shine, Chico raises and races traditional Kentucky Trotter Horses.”

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What is Chico doing now?

Unfortunately, Chico has kept a low profile ever since he left the show. The last update he had made on the Facebook page is from 2019.

He wrote at that time: “Well life has calmed down a little bit so to speak lol. It is time for me to get back at what I like to call something that I do as well as anyone around. Showing off telling tales and apparently shooting the sh*t other than a concert in Upton Ky in September my calendar is clear if you are interested in me making sure your event has not one moment of silence I’m your Honky inbox me what you got going on and I will personally try and make it shake. Have a good one now it’s back to the holler, for now, y’all keeper shining I’ll keeper thumping.”

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