Joy Behar hit the deck on The View no thanks to the show's high chairs
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Joy Behar hit the deck on The View no thanks to the show's high chairs

This week, The View fans were pretty concerned for co-host Joy Behar as she took a tumble while live on air. It’s the first time in 25 years that Joy has fallen over on the show but it still didn’t stop viewers from talking about it on Twitter.

Joy has been on ABC’s The View since 1997 and at the age of 79, the last thing the New Yorker probably wants to do is fall over, so let’s take a look at what happened to Joy Behar on The View, how did she fall and how is she doing now?

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What happened to Joy Behar on The View?

During the Thursday, March 3rd episode of The View, Joy Behar fell to the ground as she attempted to sit in the hosts’ bar-stool style seats on set.

The View was live on air, the cameras were rolling and Joy’s tumble was in clear sight.

After falling down, Joy sat up straight away, and her co-hosts came to her rescue helping her get up off the floor.

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How did Joy Behar fall on The View?

Anyone who saw Joy hit the deck may have winced as it looked like a pretty hard fall.

She was attempting to get into her chair and “missed the step“.

While her co-hosts were picking her up, Whopi Goldberg said: “These chairs move, and you’re on the ground“.

So, it seems that Joy’s attempt at getting up into the high chairs was what landed her on the floor.

Is Joy Behar OK after her fall?

Yes, as soon as Joy was in her chair and settled after her fall she said that she was OK.

During the show, Joy said: “I went flying” and joked: “Who do I sue?

Whoopi Goldberg checked in with her co-host and Sunny Hostin also added that “it’s happened to all of us at one time or another“.

Joy also concluded: “I just missed the step, as usual“.

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