We were all inspired by her transformation on season 3 of the show. Now, four years later everyone wants to know if she succeeded and what she’s been up to since. Lucky for you, we can tell you what happened to Marla on My 600-lb Life.

We first met Marla McCants on My 600-lb Life when she weighed 800 lbs and wanted to change her life. After going through more than her fair share of traumatic events, it was finally time for her to take control.

And although we only followed Marla’s story for two episodes, fans had hope she would succeed beyond the show.

Marla McCants’ incredible weight loss journey

Marla’s episode on TLC‘s My 600 lb Life proved to be a huge inspiration to anyone looking to change themselves.

Opening up to the camera, Marla explained she had lost control of her weight due to troubling circumstances throughout her whole life. Once she reached 700 lbs, she became bedbound, which made her weight further increase. The only way for Marla to get up or clean herself was with the help of her daughters.

What happened next made Marla’s weight loss journey on My 600-lb Life nothing short of dramatic. Though she was motivated to lose the weight, she continued to meet health hurdles that made achieving her weight goals nearly impossible. One of the most severe was a blood clot which meant Marla had to be rushed to the hospital. Thankfully she was alright and took the incident in stride.

Amazingly, by the end of her episodes, Marla McCants had lost an incredible 266 pounds, weighing in at just 534 lbs. Although her time on the show was over, she was even more determined to lose the rest of the weight and completely change her life.

What happened to Marla on My 600-lb Life?

8 years later, Marla has shed an unbelievable 600 pounds and looks like a completely different woman. It’s not often that a star of My 600 lb Life has an even more dramatic weight loss post-show, but that’s exactly what happened to Marla.

According to her Instagram, the slimming star is now a motivational speaker and philanthropist, and it’s easy to see why! Marla’s weight loss journey is definitely an inspiration and her whole personality shouts confidence – and rightly so.

My 600 lb Life hasn’t been her only TV appearance and Marla has been on Sister Circle, where she spoke about an upcoming book she was working on at the time.

Although that was three years ago, Reality Titbit cannot see that the book has yet been published. If it is still in the works, we imagine it will be a motivational and heartfelt read.

Martha McCants on Sister Circle TV

Marla hasn’t appeared on My 600 lb Life since 2015 and wasn’t one of the stars featured in the Where They Are Now episode later that year. That’s why, despite her incredible transformation, Marla’s weight loss journey is not listed as one of the show’s most successful. This title goes to Mila Clark who went from 751 pounds down to 155.

You can keep up to date with Marla on her social media and her website.

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