What happened to Roy on Shipping Wars? He was a fan favourite
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What happened to Roy on Shipping Wars? He was a fan favourite

Shipping Wars season 9 premiered in 2021 on A&E and many fans of the show still watching today are asking what happened to Roy Garber. He owned a company called Arbie’s Team Transport but sadly passed away. Shipping Wars first aired in 2012 and sees the cast transport all kinds of items that are difficult to haul for traditional companies.

Roy Garber was a fan favourite when it comes to the show’s cast and he appeared on Shipping Wars for six seasons. So, let’s find out more about Roy and what happened to him.

Roy Garber was an OG on Shipping Wars

Roy Garber was known as The Handyman on the A&E show. He was born in 1964.

Jarrett Joyce, Marc Springer, Suzanne and Scott Bawcom, Jennifer Brennan and Roy were all original cast members on Shipping Wars.

His company, Arbie’s Team Transport operated in New Hampshire in the USA. Roy was known for travelling around carrying out jobs with his cat on board in his truck.

What happened to Roy on Shipping Wars?

On January 17th, 2014, Roy sadly passed away in Austin, Texas.

He passed away from a heart attack.

USA Today reported that Roy was a “jack of all trades” and raised his son, Travis, on his own for 18 years.

Travis appeared alongside Roy on Shipping Wars when he was given an ultimatum by his dad to either work with him or go to school. Travis can be found on Instagram @travis_jack_garber.

Per TMZ, a rep for Shipping Wars said that they were “deeply saddened by the loss of a member of the A&E family.”

Following his death, his co-star, Jennifer, took to Twitter in 2014 to say that the show: “…was very hard without Roy”.

Fans loved Roy and miss him

Eight years on from Roy’s death, many Shipping Wars fans are still taking to Twitter to share that they “miss” the A&E star.

One person tweeted: “Roy we miss you”.

Another said: “Man I really miss Roy, Shipping Wars was literally the best with him…”.

More Shipping Wars fans wrote that they were watching a marathon of the show and had “nothing but respect” for Roy.


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