What happened to Tim Chapman and his wife from Dog the Bounty Hunter?


What happened to Tim Chapman and his wife from Dog the Bounty Hunter?

A&E reality TV series Dog the Bounty Hunter ran from 2004 until 2012 and over the years attracted many fans who enjoyed staying up to date with Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman, his late wife, Beth, and their family and friends as they worked at Da’ Kine Bail Bonds.

Life is very different now for Dog the Bounty Hunter and the former stars of the show. The series ended, however, some spin-offs continued to document Dog and Beth’s lives until she sadly passed away in 2019. In 2022, Dog appeared on The Masked Singer and he also remarried in 2021. He and his wife Francie Frane tied the knot in Colorado.

But what happened to Tim Chapman?

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Tim ‘Youngblood’ on Dog the Bounty Hunter

Tim was one of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s cast members and a co-worker of Duane.

Despite Tim and Duane sharing the same surname, the two aren’t related. Distractify reports that Duane often referred to Tim as his “blood brother”.

Tim was one of the team, along with Dog, who hunted down criminals to claim the bounties on their heads.

Tim Chapman’s family

The Sun reported in 2021, that Tim, 57, was referred to as Dog’s “left-hand man”.

He had three children with wife Davina including Tim Jr, Storm Hunter and Thunder Cloud.

Tim retired from bounty hunting in 2012 and his net worth is estimated at $3M per Celebrity Net Worth in 2022.

What happened to Tim Chapman’s wife from Dog the Bounty Hunter?

Despite getting married and having three children, it was reported that things didn’t work out between Tim and his wife.

Tim and Davina divorced in 2009 and he hasn’t been in a public relationship since.

Although Tim hasn’t taken to Facebook since 2012, he can be seen pictured with his children in past posts. Davina, AKA Davina Natasha Faletoi, doesn’t appear to be active on social media.


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