With brand new seasons of Street Outlaws being brought to Discovery this new year, fans can’t help but be reminded of the legendary motorhead himself, Tyler “Flip” Perry. So what happened to the Street Outlaws star?

Having passed away at only 31 years old, Flip left an irreplaceable hole in the team’s heart that is still yet to be filled.

Almost ten years later the team have managed to keep Flip’s spirit alive, so let’s remind ourselves of what happened to the Street Outlaws racer.

Flip, Street Outlaws – Screenshot from Discovery series Street Outlaws

What happened to Flip?

Years have passed since Flip’s untimely death in 2013 but fans are still left unclear on what happened to him.

Flip died at 31 years old. After his death, his family and Street Outlaws itself have not released any information on the incident and to this day fans are still left wondering.

The only source of information given was that the official cause of death was a bullet wound but there is speculation surrounding if the gunshot was accidental or self-inflicted.

Flip died in his home in Yukon, Oklahoma on May 28th, 2013, a few weeks before Street Outlaws was set to premiere.  Fans have been questioning his death and how it happened for years, but there seems to be two unconfirmed theories.

Some fans believe unconfirmed claims that Flip may have taken his own life due to depression. The other unconfirmed theory speculates that Flip might have been handling a firearm and accidentally shot himself.

A look back at Flip’s love for racing

Due to his tragic and unexpected death, Street Outlaws fans only got to see the motorhead for one season, where he still managed to become a fan favourite.

Flip had grown up surrounded by car enthusiasts, drag racers and gear heads so his love for racing was almost innate. He was then known as one of Oklahoma’s best racers.

His first ever job was at Warren Caterpillar dealing with construction equipment and machinery. The fascination for engines and machines is what spurred on his love for car engines and racing also.

Flip had to beat out many other potential racers to be on Street Outlaws, but his passion alongside his beautiful car is what saw him take the place.

His 80’s Chevvy, “The El Camino” was so loved that when Flip passed, the team engraved his gravestone with an image of his most loved car.

3 things you need to know about the late Flip

  1. He never got to watch Street Outlaws

Having passed before the release of the show and with the funeral held just nine days before the series premiere of Street Outlaws, Flip was never able to see himself on the big screen. 

Despite this, his wife, Morgan Amber, and the pair’s four children—Remey J, Bennet William Edward, Dresdyn Rinot, and Tovey Gene all got to watch him make his debut on TV.

2. Flip originally didn’t want to be on Street Outlaws

When approached about Street Outlaws, Flip wasn’t so sure. At the time, street racing was illegal and with a job to do, an automotive obsession to fund, and a family to raise, Flip was worried about getting himself in trouble.

3. Flip and Big Chief had been friends since a very young age

Flip was born on 30 November 1981 in Oklahoma. He spent his early life living in Chickasha, where he met and became friends with Justin Shearer, also known as “Big Chief”.

This is where his love for cars and Big Chief grew, to this day, Big Chief still talks about his friendship with Flip.



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