What is Kemo Sabe in Aspen? RHOBH fans can't get over how much Kyle loves it


What is Kemo Sabe in Aspen? RHOBH fans can't get over how much Kyle loves it

On Wednesday’s episode of the RHOBH, the ladies headed on a much needed holiday to the city of Aspen. However, there was only one thing on Kyle’s mind. Kemo Sabe.

The store quickly became the star of the show and fans just couldn’t get over how much Kyle loved it, with many joking that she had investments in the store.

But what exactly is Kemo Sabe and why does Kyle Richards love it so much?

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What is Kemo Sabe?

To answer the question on many Housewives’ fans mind, Kemo Sabe is in fact a store which offers upscale, high-end western wear for both men and women. The website states the shop is a ‘rare experience’.

Of course, the Housewives were in Aspen, however the brand also has stores located in Veil, Las Vegas and Aspen. No doubt Kyle has been to more than one if she was in another location!

One thing the store specializes in is personalization, including on Kyle’s favorite, hats.

During the episode, she told viewers: “You’re going to get your initials on it, we’re going to adorn things on it, we’re going to set it on fire. It’s the best.” 

The Kemo Sabe website states:

We believe that the West is something deep within your soul. Kemo Sabe is about more than Western goods, it’s an experience. When you buy a kick-ass pair of boots or hat from us, we customize them with you to be personalized and one-of-a-kind. From the moment you enter one of our stores, you become a part of the family. 

No wonder Kyle loves it so much!

The RHOBH ladies can’t stop talking about it

The Aspen hat store, and Kyle’s love for it definitely left an impression on the Housewives. From being able to set fire to hats, to a tequila bar in the store, of course there’s much to be talking about.

However, not all the ladies turned up to the experience, to Kyle’s dismay. Dorit, Erika and Diana did not show up to the occasion. Leaving Kyle feeling offended, she claimed to Dorit she would never speak to her again.

The ladies decided not to go after drama, as the night before Erika packed up her bags to move out of Kyle’s and into Diana’s hotel.

Despite this, Kyle didn’t let it ruin the rest of her day and enjoyed being in her all-time favorite place with her friends and a few drinks. However, the may have got more than they bargained for with the tequila…

Fans joke that Kyle is a Kemo Sabe ‘investor’

Of course, fans went to Twitter to discuss and joke about how much Kyle loved the store. She even went to great lengths to have the store shut down so her and the girls could experience it with no one else around.

Surely someone can’t love something this much, right? The constant talk and excitement from Kyle throughout the episode lead to fans on Twitter joking that she’s an investor in the store.

But this wasn’t the only mention of investment in the episode. Kemo Sabe used the tequila brand, Casa De Sol, a brand which Kathy has invested in. However, Lisa Rinner asked for Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila leaving Kathy visibly upset.

Of course, this also gained a lot of attention from fans on Twitter.

“Ohh imagine doing a drinking game for the episode…take a shot everytime Kyle mentions Kemo Sabe or Kathy talks about the tequila. Absolutely hysterical”, one Twiter user said.

That’s something we wouldn’t mind taking part in!

Does anyone love anything more than Kyle loves Kemo Sabe? Let us know if you do in the comments below!



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