The Curse of the Oak Island‘s Gary Drayton is best known for his metal detecting skills and his iconic catchphrase ‘Bobby Dazzler’ on the show.

The History Channel show first premiered in 2014 and is now in its 10th season. Gary is one of the show’s British cast members and is also a senior alongside Marty, Rick, and Craig.

On Oak Island, Gary is known as much for his catchphrases and use of British slang as he is for his metal detecting skills.

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What Gary’s Oak Island catchphrase ‘Bobby Dazzler’ means

It was Gary who popularized the phrase ‘Bobby Dazzler’ among Oak Island fans. It’s an ongoing joke among the History show’s fandom and viewers are amused every time he says it.

Collins Dictionary notes that Gary’s catchphrase is a Brit and Austral slang which means ‘a person or thing that is outstanding or excellent.’ It can be used to describe something or someone that’s outstanding or striking.

The website further notes that the word was first recorded between 1865–70. Here are the other words and phrases that came to be around the same time – batting average, maverick, tick-tack-toe, dunk, and valence.

Speaking to, Gary shared how Bobby Dazzler had become a viral term now. He noted how he got stopped everywhere he went and fans would say the phrase to him.

The reality star said: “I’m walking off a plane or when I’m in the supermarket, even walking the dog here in Florida. It’s just so funny a car will drive past and as soon as you hear the screech of the breaks you know it’s an Oak Island fan, and they’ll back up and say, ‘Mr Bobby Dazzler’” he notes.

Image via History | YouTube

Oak Island fans can also buy Bobby Dazzler merch now

Thanks to Gary’s frequent use of slang, it has become so popular among the fans that is now selling Oak Island merch with the phrase.

On the channel’s online store, you can find everything ranging from socks, t-shirts, cups, postcards, and laptop stickers to backpacks and masks with ‘It’s A Real Bobby Dazzler’ on them.

The t-shirt with the catchphrase ranges from $19.95 to over $23.

The mug carries is priced at $14.95, while the bag costs $59.95.

A look at the Oak Island 2022 cast members

The season 10 cast of The Curse of Oak Island is filled with several Bobby Dazzlers, as Gary would put it.

Michigan brothers Rick and Marty Lagina are still the show’s leading personalities. While Rick is a retired postal worker, his younger brother Marty is an engineer who owns an energy company.

They are accompanied by Marty’s college friend and business associate Craig Tester, who used to be a wrestler.

Gary himself is a metal-detecting expert who once found a $500,000 emerald ring from 1716.

Then comes the young generation of treasure hunters, Alex and Jack.



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