Joseline’s Cabaret released its drama-filled reunion on May 8th, leaving fans stunned with what happened. The Zeus Network had viewers eagerly awaiting this season’s big finale – and now we can barely wait for the next part.

From K Kapri‘s argument with Lollipop to Amber shouting “get that money baby, I see you”, there’s been a ton of gossip and opinion doing the rounds since the trailer alone aired on the network.

So when part 1 officially hit screens, fans were ecstatic to finally find out what went down. But there’s plenty more to come in the second episode. Eager to find out exactly when you can watch? We can reveal the release date.

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Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas Reunion | Official Trailer | Zeus

Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas Reunion | Official Trailer | Zeus

Fans call for part 2 of reunion

After part 1 of Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas: The Reunion aired, fans were left totally confused. Many felt that the episode wasn’t what they hoped for and so are eagerly hoping the second part redeems itself.

A fan wrote: “It’s not playing and all this time y’all could have uploaded parts 1&2.”

Another said: “Part 1 of Joseline’s Cabaret reunion was weak as hell. I didn’t waste 40 mins of my time to watch them talk about what they are going to do to each other and see one weak ass fight.

“I need them to drop Part 2 uncut asap I’m tryna see all the action!”

One viewer simply asked Joseline on Instagram: “Girl no, where’s part 2?” Another revealed they had only watched what felt like three minutes of a reunion during part 1.

When is Joseline’s Cabaret reunion part 2 out?

Part 2 of Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas: The Reunion is expected to air on Sunday May 15th at 5P EST/8P EST. It comes after months of waiting for the reunion to hit The Zeus Network, a week after part 1 aired on May 8th.

Although there are some rumors that fans may have to wait until June for part 2, the Atlanta version of the show aired part 1 and part 2 of its reunion just a week apart from each other.

Although some were disappointed with the events of part 1, the real juicy gossip is likely to have been saved for the next episode!

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What happened in part 1?

Some serious arguments went on during part 1, including K Kapri’s fight with Lollipop. Due to overwhelming demand, some users were unable to access the reunion, but The Zeus Network’s technology team worked to resolve the issue.

Other scenes included Joseline Hernandez’s performance, Raven giving viewers a dance, and in one of the biggest arguments, Amber and Henny vs Raven and Diamond having a fight.



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