Street Outlaws is known for its dangerous and intense drag racing and that’s why we love it so much, but racers like Larry “Axman” Roach put their lives on the line every day.

Axman is typically a fan favourite but was nowhere to be found in last night’s episode. There is a lot of speculation going around as to why this was, with some saying he was ‘scared’ of being beaten. So let’s dive right in.

Where is Axman on Street Outlaws?

After an absence of Axman in the latest episode (Monday January 11th), fans have come up with their own ideas as to why we didn’t see him. However, he has not publicly revealed where he has been.

Some fans of the show are a little riled up and are speculating that Axman didn’t appear last night because of not ranking first in the previous episode.

With Axman being a highly competitive character and the recent episode showcasing some incredibly fast and powerful cars, fans are also saying she was “scared” about the idea of a better car than his beating him.

This has left some assuming that he found it easier to “hide than ride”, but none of these rumors are confirmed.

One fan of the show said, “When you hide from a car that can beat you, then you are a loser period!”. They continued their tweet and ended by saying, “Sorry just needed to vent.”

Reality Titbit has contacted Axman for comment.

How did Axman get into drag racing?

Axman was a mere 10 years old when he discovered his love for drag racing. One of his fondest memories is watching his older cousins racing their cars, this is when he knew that he wanted to race cars for a living.

As he grew up he began to start doing up cars and with more practice, he eventually learned to fabricate almost any vehicle. The racer even built his own entire car from scratch, which was a 1972 Nova.

His love of building cars eventually became a love of racing them too and it has been Axman’s pride and joy the majority of his life.

Axman – Street Outlaws

Who is Axman’s Wife? Deemed his “biggest supporter”

Axman and his wife Sarah got married in June of 2016 after he proposed to her earlier that year on New Year’s Day. They had been dating for years and said they knew they were meant to be.

With the help of his wife Sarah, Axman has managed to grow a successful career and an even more successful family.

As the saying goes, behind every successful man is a supportive woman, and that’s exactly the case for Axman. Sarah is seen lining him up and supporting him at every race.

Sarah is also a certified Crossfit trainer and with just one glance at her Instagram, you can see she is very athletic. She competes in both marathons and weightlifting competitions alongside being a full-time mother and wife.



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