Shark Tank season 13 saw Diana Jarrar pitch her product, Magic Dates snack bites, to the investors. Hailing from Damascus, Syria, Diana wanted to spread the benefits of the sweet fruit with the world through her ‘no added sugar’ snack.

Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and the rest of the Sharks were all ears when Diana explained the history behind her product.

However, only one of the investors was interested enough to offer her cash in exchange for a third of the company. So, let’s find out more about where Diana is today and if she’s still selling Magic Dates.

Diana Jarrar pitches her company, Magic Dates, on Shark Tank with camel cut outs for decoration and products placed on set
Shark Tank US | Lori Gives Magic Dates Some Tough Feedback

Magic Dates appear on Shark Tank

On March 25, 2022, Diana Jarrar stepped into the Shark Tank and pitched her product Magic Dates.

She said that she was seeking $150,000 in exchange for a 10 per cent stake in her company.

Diana described the Magic Dates product as a “sweet and indulgent treat.”

She added: “We’ve taken divine dates and blended them with crunchy walnuts, cacao nibs, and coconut and we’ve covered them in rich dark chocolate.”

Diana Jarrar was studying law

Diana said that she’s on a mission to encourage the world to see how great dates really are during Shark Tank.

Speaking of how she ventured into entrepreneurship, Diana said that she was studying human rights law but opted for a career change. She was inspired by another Shark Tank star Francheska Yamsuan who created Coconut Girl.

After hearing Diana’s story, the figures and the dates’ old packaging, some of the Sharks opted out of investing. However, Kevin O’Leary offered her all of the money for a third of the company.

Diana accepted Mr Wonderful’s offer and the two embarked on business together.

Where are Magic Dates from Shark Tank now?

Nowadays, Magic Dates is still going. Per the Magic Dates Instagram page, the brand has kept the new packaging that Diana showed on Shark Tank.

Magic Dates now offers Date Flights for around $40 which are said to be a “culinary adventure,” per the company website.

Diana founded the brand in 2016, per her LinkedIn, and now has over 10k followers on Instagram on her business page. A four-pack sampler of the date bites costs just under $25.

Magic Dates writes that it has partnered with Karam Foundation: “An incredible non-profit committed to uplifting refugees impacted by the Syrian Civil War.”

The brand’s founder can be found on IG with over 1k followers @dianajsolomon.



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