Who is Bozek from Storage Wars, Brandi's most recent partner
bring Bozek to storage auctions more often! Catch ALL-NEW back-to-back #StorageWars episodes TONIGHT at 9/8c on A&E.

Who is Bozek from Storage Wars, Brandi's most recent partner

A&E’s Storage Wars has been running for over a decade now and is only getting more popular. We have gotten to know and love the cast members as we have watched them buying and selling units for years.

One cast member who is less popular than some of the OG’s is Bozek. True Storage Wars fans will remember him from previous seasons and although he doesn’t appear as much on the show anymore, he still makes his return occasionally.

Fans have been left wanting to know more about Bozek after seeing him pop back up on the show as he teamed up with Brandi on a unit last week. Reality Titbit did some digging and have found all we could on Bozek, as well as his iconic previous episodes and latest unit win with Brandi.

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Wild Babies | Official Trailer | Netflix

Wild Babies | Official Trailer | Netflix
Bozek. Picture: bring Bozek to storage auctions more often! Catch ALL-NEW back-to-back #StorageWars episodes TONIGHT at 9/8c on A&E

Who is Bozek?

There is hardly any information out there about Bozek and with his lack of social media accounts, it’s clear to see that he lives a low key lifestyle.

Bozek is a storage unit hunter and spends his time buying and selling furniture, cars and whatever he can find. Although he is low-key on the show, audiences still love him after seeing him in earlier seasons.

His age is unknown but from his appearance, it’s presumed by multiple sources that he is somewhere in his early to mid-fifties. Although he lives a low-key lifestyle, fans still talk about him and re-watch his Storage Wars episodes, tweeting things like:

I love Bozek’s energy he is so cute. Wish there was more of him on the show.


“Bozek is my spirit animal”

Probably one of Bozek’s most infamous and recognised episodes was from back in 2015 during season 6 of Storage Wars which was titled “Bozek is my Spirit Animal.”

The phrase became a common theme throughout the next few seasons – as he literally was many people’s spirit animals, literally, Twitter blew up! – and Jarrod and Brandi took the joke even further.

During season 7, Jarrod and Brandi had to run a test on a huge screen-printing machine that they had bought in a unit before getting it appraised. Hilariously, they decided to test out printing a tee-shirt, of which they put Bozek’s face on with the writing, “Bozek is my spirit animal”.

Eventually, they sold the machine for 5K, but the caption became a running theme, with fans taking to Twitter to agree, that Bozek was in fact their spirit animal.

Bozek is working with Brandi

Bozek has been re-introduced to us in the latest season of Storage Wars after Brandi brought him in to help her with some unit bids and after the episode, it’s clear to see that she should bring him more often.

The unit they bid on cost a mere $225, although the items inside weren’t great, in total they managed to make a whopping $1,290 profit.

Brandi was sceptical about the initial buy but ended the unit haul by saying to Bozek, “It kills me to have to say this, but you were right!”



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