The latest episode of Naked And Afraid welcomed Jaclin Owens to the wilderness, but if she looks familiar, you may have seen her behind bars 60 Days In.

Imagine losing your basic food, water and shelter for 21 days. Combine that with being naked in front of a stranger and an entire camera crew. That’s precisely the concept of Naked And Afraid.

Somehow, Discovery always manages to scout adventurous and fearless participants for their survival reality TV show who are willing to live at odds with nature and even predators.

Season 15 episode 5 documents the journey of Jaclin Owen and Michael Angulo in Southern Africa’s Kalahari Desert. Surprisingly, Naked And Afraid isn’t Jaclin’s first life-changing reality experience.

Jaclin Owen speaking in 60 Days In confessional
Credit A&E Youtube channel

Who is Naked and Afraid’s Jaclin Owen? She was an inmate on 60 Days In

Jaclin is a paralegal from Hobart, Indiana. She is a public and environmental affairs graduate from Indiana University Northwest, where she was also a cheerleader.

Before encountering lions and rhinos in Naked And Afraid, she previously went undercover as an inmate for A&E’s 60 Days In. No, she wasn’t actually sentenced to prison.

Jaclin was cast for season 4, where she was placed in Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail. Innocent participants are tasked with investigating questionable activities within the jail that officers may be unaware of.

Contestants are given a backstory, including the fake crime that resulted in their imprisonment. The show is kept secret from prison officers and real inmates, and hidden cameras are planted inside the jail.

The paralegal joined season 4 to gain knowledge of the justice system within the prison system, but her time on the show was cut short.

60 Days In was difficult for the “strong-minded yet shy” midwesterner, but Naked And Afraid was a real mental challenge.

“I wanted to showcase that I was mentally strong and could handle high-intensity situations,” she told NWI Times.

She opened up about her daughter’s death on Dr Phil

Jaclin and Justin discussing their daughters death on Dr Phil episode
Credit Dr Phil youtube channel

Jaclin is a mother of two: she has a son, Giovanni Rosaschi, and a daughter, Gemma Rosaschi.

One year after 60 Days In, the Indiana resident was featured on a Dr Phil episode along with her boyfriend, Justin. Their dilemma, entitled “Our 11-Month-Old Died And I’m Being Blamed”, discusses the tragic death of their first daughter, Madalin, who passed away when the couple was about 18 years old.

The parents slept with Madalin in their bed, leading to her accidental suffocation.

Judging from her Instagram activity, the couple is no longer in a relationship.

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