Jonas brothers Kevin and Frankie are hosting their first show together on ABC. The brand new 2022 series is Claim to Fame which sees 12 contestants live in a house, Big Brother style. But they’re not allowed to give away their identity, and this leaves fans guessing much they do on The Masked Singer. Judging by Twitter, fans think they know who LC is on Claim to Fame.

The show premiered on July 11th and airs Mondays at 10 pm ET. So far, Chuck Norris’ grandson, Zendaya’s cousin and Laverne Cox’s twin have been eliminated from the show. So, let’s take a look at the clues to do with LC and what fans are saying when it comes to the contestants identity…

Claim to Fame's LC sits in confessional wearing clear framed glasses
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LC on Claim to Fame

LC has been no one but herself since appearing on Claim to Fame. Her personality has got fans tweeting that she’s their “favourite” and that they want to see her in the final of the show.

The Claim to Fame contestant also has some tweeting that they want to see her and fellow cast member, Dominique on Survivor.

When LC began giving away ‘clues’ on the ABC show, she actually lied and said that her famous relative was her father. But she told the truth when she said that the person she’s related to had won an Emmy Award.

Fans think they know who LC is on Claim to Fame

Of course, throughout the episodes of Claim to Fame so far, viewers have been guessing who they think each of the contestants are related to, including LC.

Some thought that LC was related to Laurence Fishburne. Her fellow contestant, Dominique said that she thought LC was related to Forest Whitaker.

Who is LC related to?

As well as taking to Twitter to guess who they thought LC was related to, many fans took to social media to share their shock when they found out that she’s related to Keke Palmer.

LC wasn’t lying or joking when she said that her relative had won an Emmy Award. She’s the older sister of Keke and her name is Loreal.

Claim to Fame star LC can be found on Instagram @lorealchanelll with around 2K followers.



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