Fans of Bachelor In Paradise are wondering who the 2022 cast member Sarah was on the show as she leaves after family emergency.

The ABC show’s current season is in full swing as it aired the 10th episode on October 31. Many fans learned in the episode that cast member Sarah had left the show and her departure has impacted the cast dynamics.

However, many took to Twitter as the show was airing to wonder who Sarah even was.

Who is Sarah on Bachelor in Paradise?

Sarah Hamrick is a contestant from season 26 of The Bachelor, where Clayton Echard was the leading man.

The two seemed to hit it off fast. Clayton even gave Sarah a group date rose during week two. However, her time on the show was cut short after Clayton began having doubts about whether she was on the show for the right reasons.

In Bachelor In Paradise season 8, Sarah was one of five women who arrived at the beach during week 3. She was first seen during the October 17 episode.

She arrived on the beach after seven original couples of the show were separated for the week.

Sarah and other new contestants got a chance to form a connection with the men while they were away from their women. She briefly formed a connection with Logan but their romance was doomed.

Sarah is a beauty with brains

Sarah is a 24-year-old reality star and wealth management advisor in New York City.

She works for SmartAsset, a financial technology company, as per her LinkedIn.

Her previous job was at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where she worked as a Financial Analyst and Fraud Analyst for the Payment Protection Program.

Why did Sarah leave Bachelor in Paradise?

On the episode on Monday night, host Jesse Palmer revealed that Sarah had left the beach due to a family emergency.

The contestant recently took to Instagram to reveal that her grandma had passed away.

“Opening myself up to another chance at love here was a challenge in itself, but when my grandma passed, having one of the most vulnerable and heartbreaking moments of my life captured while being there was something I never expected,” she wrote in her latest Instagram post.

She further wrote in the caption, “I hope this can be a reminder that all of us on the show are real people, with real lives and families beyond what you may see on TV.”

A look at Sarah and Logan’s doomed romance

Logan’s story arc on Bachelor In Paradise is as bizarre as it gets.

He was originally attracted to Shanae but went on a date with Sarah Hamrick during his time away from the former. However, he then dumped Sarah and decided to pursue Kate.

He went behind Kate when she was busy with Jacob Rapini, who had left Jill Chin for her.

Many viewers were disappointed at how Logan handled his breakup with Sarah.

He didn’t talk to her before moving on to Kate, thus leaving her hanging. Sarah, unsurprisingly, was heartbroken.



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