Paula Faris appeared on The View on May 4th, 2022 and many ABC viewers were left wondering the reason as to why she no longer works for the network. Paula worked her way up over many years as a journalist to be a reporter on Good Morning America and The View.

During her time on The View in May, Paula said that it was “great to be back as a guest” and she is now loving her new life in South Carolina. Reflecting on her journalism career on the show, Paula said: “You guys know I lost my job at ABC and that’s really how the idea for CARRY Media came about.” Let’s find out more about why Paula Faris lost her job at ABC.

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Did Paula Faris lose her job at ABC?

Rather than losing her job at ABC, Paula actually decided to leave her jobs herself.

Speaking on Carey Nieuwhof’s YouTube channel in 2020, he said that she walked away from “two dream jobs“.

Speaking on why she gave up her journalism career, Paula said that she felt that “God was pulling me out of a dangerous space where I was addicted to my job.

Paula added that she was burned out and that she loved what she did too much and that it had become addicted to her job.

What was Paula’s job at ABC?

Despite having what many would regard as ‘dream jobs’ on Good Morning America and The View, Paula said in her interview with Carey Nieuwhof in 2020 that her health and her relationships were being negatively affected by her addiction to work.

Paula was on The View from 2015 to 2018 and Good Morning America from 2014 to 2018.

She said that she went through a “season of hell” and within seven months had five major crises happen to her.

Paula had a miscarriage with emergency surgery, a concussion from someone throwing an object at her head which caused her to be knocked out of work for three weeks, the day she was cleared to go back into work she got into a head-on car crash, she then got the flu which turned into pneumonia.

Paula launched CARRY Media

At the height of her career, Paula said that God was sending her in a different direction.

She said that she was initially lost without her jobs but later launched CARRY Media.

Speaking on The View, Paula said that CARRY Media is the “only media company that’s committed to telling the story of working moms” so that change can take place within the workforce.


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