Chrisley Knows Best is back for the final season, and although the show has been running for seasons, fans are confused as to where they live and want to know if and why they lived with Nanny Faye.

The Chrisleys are known for their endless house moves ever since the series first aired in 2014. The show started off in Atlanta, where Todd Chrisley was born before they decided to up and move to Tennessee.

We take a look at The Chrisley’s living situation over the years, and why they lived with Nanny Faye.

Why did the Chrisleys live with Nanny Faye?

According to Insider, at the time of filming season 10, the Chrisleys were living in the affluent neighborhood of Belle Meade. Nanny Faye, meanwhile, was living in another property close by within the private luxury community.

In episode 1, Todd was seen renovating their new house, so the family may have stayed with Nanny Faye if needed during that time.

The family previously had to move in with Nanny Faye when Todd agreed to a shorter escrow on the sale of the Chrisley house.

In true Nanny Faye style, she was heard telling her dog Miley that the “devil is moving in with us”, referring to her son Todd.

The Chrisleys also previously moved into a rental home in Nashville due to privacy, as tourists were visiting their property. This could explain why they’re always moving around, especially around the time of the sentencing due to media attention.

Todd and Julie were under house arrest in their Tennessee home

Todd and Julie Chrisley were residing in their Tennessee home whilst under house arrest, in June 2022, whilst they were waiting for sentencing.

This would have been after season 10 was filmed, as all episodes were filmed before they were convicted.

At the time, the couple was confined to their stunning 6-bedroom, 10-bathroom 13,279-square-foot home European-style home worth close to $3 million.

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Chrisley Knows Best is coming to an end

Season 10 is drawing to an end, as the last season was cut short. The last episode is said to air on March 13, titled ‘Attitude Intervention.’

However, daughter Savannah did hint at a new show for her and Nanny Faye, so viewers will have to keep their eyes peeled.

Fans on Twitter were also pitching a new season to the USA Network from prison, but we’re not sure they’ll get their wish this time.


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