Khloe Kardashian used a surrogate for her second child, after seeing her sister Kim’s two youngest children be born in the same way. Kim inspired her sibling, but why did Khloe have a surrogate like Kim Kardashian?

The Kardashians is now airing season 3 on Hulu. Khloe takes us on a journey as she navigates motherhood with her second child, her first son, several years after giving birth to her daughter, True, who she shares with Tristan Thompson.

As a result of the first few episodes, The Kardashians fans are now asking why the Kardashians sometimes use surrogates. Kim gave birth to her first two, Khloe brought her daughter into the world, and Kylie gave birth twice.

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Why do the Kardashians use surrogates?

Kim used a surrogate twice after experiencing complications in her pregnancies with Saint and North West. Khloe followed in her sister’s footsteps to avoid health risks associated with giving birth.

When Kim had her first two pregnancies, she developed a life-threatening condition that saw her face issues with placenta accreta. This occurs when part or all of the placenta remains connected to the uterine wall after childbirth.

Khloe had a surrogate because if she chose to carry another child she would have an elevated possibility of a “high-risk” pregnancy. “They said it’s like an 80-something percent chance that I will miscarry,” she revealed.

Khloe was inspired by her sister Kim

Khloe revealed that she almost miscarried with True and therefore when she decided to have another baby with Tristan, they wanted to avoid a “high-risk” pregnancy and opted for surrogacy.

Similar to Kim Kardashian, she faced health issues if she had another pregnancy. With Kim speaking highly about the decision to use surrogates twice, Khloe decided to take the same route to avoid putting her body under more strain.

She ‘struggled to connect’ with Tatum

Khloe is now “healing” following the arrival of her newborn son, via surrogacy. She said it was a “transactional” experience, and that it didn’t sink in that she was having another child until she got to the hospital.

“I felt guilty that this woman just had my baby,” Kardashian said in a confessional. “I take the baby and I go to another room and you’re sort of separated. It’s such a transactional experience ’cause it’s not about him.”

“I wish someone was honest about surrogacy and the difference of it,” she said, clarifying that it’s not a bad thing. “It’s still great, it’s just very different,” Khloe told Kim and Scott Disick that the process had been challenging for her.

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