Why your Emily Osment and Nicole Scherzinger theory is super wrong
Screenshot: Ringmaster Performs "The Climb" By Miley Cyrus | Season 7 Ep. 4 | THE MASKED SINGER YouTube

Why your Emily Osment and Nicole Scherzinger theory is super wrong

When the ringmaster on The Masked Singer told judge Nicole Scherzinger that it was “good to see her again”, viewers tried to figure out 1) whether Emily Osment is behind the costume and 2) if so, what their relationship is.

The ringmaster, AKA a cat decked out in a circus tent and top hat, performed a powerful rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” on the March 30th episode. This led to judges thinking the person behind the mask is a professional singer.

A clip opened with a mug with Miley Cyrus’ picture on it and a golden state image of Montana, which led to guesses about Emily, who played her best friend Lily on Disney’s much-loved Hannah Montana series.

From questions about whether Emily Osment can sing, to just how she could even know Nicole, we’ve got all the deets.

Emily Osment and Nicole Scherzinger

Emily and Nicole don’t have a publicly-known relationship. First of all, they are both from completely different musical backgrounds. For a start, Emily began her career in Disney, while Nicole is the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls.

That’s not to say that a potential friendship or link between the two doesn’t exist. However, it suggests that theories that Emily Osment could be behind the ring master mask is highly unlikely.

John Oates also declared ring master as his “celeb bestie” on Twitter, and again, there are no pictures of the musician hanging out with Emily. Plus, another clue is that actress Victoria Justice is a huge fan of his band, Hall & Oates.

FOX viewers guess ring master’s identity

Looking through social media shows that there are some stand-out celebrities that could be behind the ring master mask. While Emily Osment is a big clue – mainly due to the Hannah Montana clues – there are other theories.

With the hint that the ring master knows Nicole Scherzinger, there are a few singers and actresses who have joined the guess list, including: actress Victoria Justice, singer Kelly Clarkson, Hayley Orrantia and Carrie Underwood.

A fan wrote: “She is Emily Osment! She played in Hannah Montana with Miley Cyrus. She’s a great singer, a Disney star, and played Lilly on the Hanna Montana show it has to be!!

However, another viewer guessed: “This has to be Hayley Orrantia. Besides this sounding like her voice, the X clue was because she was on the X Factor when she was younger.

The Sweet Southern clue is her song, “Strong Sweet and Southern”. John Oates appeared on the Goldbergs with her and she is from Texas.

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Can Emily Osment sing?

Yes, Emily has had her fair share of music tracks in her time. However, her last release was 11 years ago. She also plays guitar in addition to singing, and began her recording career at about age 13 when she started with Disney.

So while she is better known for her actress work, such as playing Hannah Montana’s bestie Lily, she released her debut album Fight or Flight in 2010. Her typical songs are fast-paced though – different to The Masked Singer ballad.

However, the ring master did sing The Climb by Miley Cyrus, which is a massive hint in itself. Plus, back in 2009, she signed a recording contract with Wind-Up Records, meaning she definitely has a singing voice on her!



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