Twitter is going crazy after last night’s (Sunday, January 16th) dramatic episode of Porsha’s Family Matters, but what really happened and how does it impact the show overall?

Fans of the Bravo limited series, featuring Real Housewives of Atlanta favourite Porsha Williams, seem to be turning on its main star. This leaves many with the question of whether the show will be canceled.

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What happened on episode 7?

Episode 7, which aired on Sunday, January 16th 2022, left fans shocked as Porsha and her cousin, Londie, got into a heated argument.

This came as the fourth in a series of dramatic episodes that had viewers questioning what they knew about the star of the show. Episodes four, five, and six revealed that Porsha’s ex, Dennis, brought an uninvited guest to the blended family’s vacation to Mexico, sparking arguments between him and Porsha and leaving their family fractured.

But last night’s episode seemed to reveal a new side of Williams, and fans aren’t too happy about it. Londie, a University student who used to be Porsha’s assistant, had recently been fired from her job at Dennis’ restaurant. When she found out it was Porsha who asked for her to be fired, things exploded.

Porsha blamed Londie for everything and out of the blue accused her of not supporting Porsha when she was in an abusive relationship. Londie ends up crying, Porsha storms away.

Then, in a confessional, Porsha admits to it all and even reveals that she fired Londie as her assistant, when a bag Londie had packed incorrectly was ruined by some spilled baby oil.

Only minutes later, Porsha returns and attempts to convince Londie that she isn’t mad at her.

Whose side are fans taking?

While the argument left other cast members confused, fans seem to be clear on which side they’re backing.

Despite Williams being the title character, and being a fan favourite on the original Real Housewives of Atlanta, last night’s episode had fans calling her “manipulative, toxic, and unloyal” for turning on her family over the scenario.

Here are just some reactions to the recent episode:

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Is Porsha’s Family Matters getting renewed?

As of right now, there’s no official news as to if Porsha’s Family Matters is getting renewed or not. Some have pointed to the fact that Bravo marketed the show as a Limited Series from the start, so it isn’t likely to go on indefinitely, but high ratings and viewership could point towards a season two.

Despite some confusion over release dates earlier in the season, it doesn’t look like Bravo will be straight up canceling the show after last night. IMDB still lists release dates for a further two episodes, to be released on the 23rd and the 30th of January.



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