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Amanda from Siesta Key's youthful looks have fans questioning her age

Amanda Miller’s storyline on Siesta Key has been a tearjerker this season. From opening up about her dad Dr. Miller‘s health to her relationship with boyfriend Will, fans are now asking exactly how old the MTV star is.

The series, which follows a group of friends living near the sandy beach of Siesta Key, features a whole load of reality TV drama. Amanda has openly let cameras document her family life and relationships, including her bond with her dad.

Amanda’s dad was in his late fifties when he had her. This has left fans curious about how old she is in comparison, especially as she appears to be in her twenties! We’ve got the lowdown on her age, birthday and family background.

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Amanda from Siesta Key’s age

Amanda is currently 25 years old, soon to turn 26. She celebrates her birthday on June 11th and was born in 1996, making her a Gemini. Traits of the horoscope include being flexible, extroverted, and clever!

Their energy is thought to be positive, while they live to entertain, as per Cosmopolitan. This makes total sense due to Amanda’s launch into the film industry, which her father Dr. Miller said he was proud of her for doing.

Her father said that certain parts of Amanda remind him of his mother, as she is has “aggressive, stubborn and independent” traits. The Siesta Key cast member also has an older brother called Spencer.

How old is Dr. Miller?

Amanda’s father is in his eighties, and was a combat medic in Vietnam. Dr. Miller was part of the Admiral Farragut Academy, in the Best Drill Cadet, in 1956. He said being around wartime makes you realise life is precious.

During a film she made with him, Amanda said:

Despite the age gap, I couldn’t imagine having a dad who was younger because he’s been through so much.

Her mother Angi is currently working at Sarasota Memorial Health Care System, after studying nursing at the State College of Florida in the 80s. She often meets up with her daughter’s Siesta Key co-star’s mothers!

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Amanda and Will’s relationship

Amanda and Will began dating several months ago. He recently met her family, but she revealed she wasn’t ready to meet his while spending time with her loved ones in the recent episode (May 12th).

As her father has become ill, she told Will that she wants to spend weekends with him, so she told him “maybe” when it came to him asking to hang out. She was previously dating cast member Tate, before they called things off.

Fans are raging that they haven’t seen more of the couple’s relationship, especially after finding out they have been romantic with one another for months. Here’s to seeing a lot more footage of them together!



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