America's Got Talent top viral moments: 15th anniversary special!

Since America’s Got Talent began fifteen years ago, it has become one of the nation’s most popular talent competitions.

Year after year, Americans tune in to see what wacky, wild, and wonderful talents their fellow countrymen have to offer. From singing sensations to mysterious magicians, the show has it all!

Although AGT season 15 is now well underway, with the audition stages over, the network took a break for this week’s episode (Tuesday, August 4th) to mark the show’s fifteenth anniversary. Instead of airing the show’s live quarter-final, they aired a special retrospective episode. This episode looked at the top 15 viral moments from the show.

Find out about America’s Got Talents Top 15 Most Viral Moments here!

America’s Got Talent top 15 – Special Head

Coming in at fifteenth is Special Head, a unique and surprising act which has amassed over 111 million views on YouTube since Special Head appeared on AGT in 2013.

Judges Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel were not convinced by the audition until Special Head spontaneously levitated himself.

The season 8 monk is still performing his magical levitation routine. You can find out more about him on the Special Head website.


Light Balance

If you thought 111 million combined views over seven years was impressive, what about 117 million views over just 3 years? That’s what AGT act Light Balance has had.

They are an LED dance troupe originally from Ukraine who made it all the way to the 2017 finals.

This was host Tyra Bank’s Golden Buzzer act of the series.


Mumbai-based dance troupe V.Unbeatable have gained over 120 million views since last year, when they appeared on America’s Got Talent.

Howie says that he’s “never seen act like that in [his] life and doesn’t know if [he] ever will again.”

In February 2020, they won the second season of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

Shin Lim

It’s hardly a surprise that magic acts made it onto the most viral list. These acts with their out of this world talents are a total mystery, and has the whole world guessing at how they pull off the tricks.

Shin won his first season in 2018, after over 121 million people viewed his videos, and then came back to win the first season of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

Aaron Crow

Aaron Crow had one of the most shocking acts of 2018 – the same series that Shin Lim appeared on.

In his jaw dropping audition, Aaron covered his eyes in a variety of ways – including pouring candle wax on them to keep them firmly shut – then sliced a pineapple atop Howie’s head. It’s definitely one of the more memorable auditions we’ve seen over the years. Aaron has had 147 million views since 2018.

America’s Got Talent viral moments – top 10

Taking the tenth spot is Tyler Butler Figueroa. Tyler’s audition was charged with emotion as he spoke about surviving both cancer and school bullying.

Tyler won Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer when he appeared on the show in 2019. He has had 149 million to date.

Celine Tam

If you guessed child singer Celine’s family named her after the Canadian singing superstar, then you’d be right. Celine’s family, including herself, are obsessed with Celine Dion.

It’s no surprise then that she took on America’s Got Talent in 2017 singing the hit “My Heart Will Go On.” What was a surprise was how good Celine Tam was.

Celine Tam’s rendition of the Titanic hit has gained her 159 million views since her audition.

Men with Pans

Howie considered this one of those acts that is “willing to do anything to make it.”

Men with Pans is one of those ridiculous but hilarious acts which makes it on to America’s Got Talent. In fact, both Simon and Mel B buzzed Men with Pans during the audition!

But Men with Pans has proven popular over the years, racking in 231 million views since 2017.

Tape Face

Tape Face appeared on America’s Got Talent back in 2016 and has amassed 242 million views since then.

He appeared on the show with a miming and ventriloquism act which hooked in the judges and audience. Although Tape Face did not win the series, he certainly won over us!

Grace VanderWaal

Young singer Grace VanderWaal appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2016 and quickly won over the hearts of not just the audience but the whole world. She performed an original song which she accompanied with a ukulele. Grace has since racked up 260 million views on her audition.

Howie, who is usually sceptical of singers performing their own material, hit the Golden Buzzer for her. Now surely that’s a sign of talent!

America’s Got Talent: Top 5 viral moments

The final AGT acts who stole the show are:

  • Angelica Hale: 296 million views since 2017
  • Courtney Hadwin: 310 million views since 2018
  • Darci Lynne Farmer: 350 million since 2017
  • Zurcaroh: 423 million views since 2018
  • Kodi Lee: 432 million views since 2019




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