Siesta Key: Brandon and Jordana's fans share verdicts if they would become a couple

Siesta Key fans have shared their verdicts on the potential relationship between Brandon Gomes and Jordana Barnes after the pair publicly made out in a previous episode.

The MTV show is back with a new episode on Wednesday, June 16th.

Tonight’s edition will see Brandon facing his ex Camilla after he shared a passionate kiss with newcomer Jordana in a previous episode.

Many fans of the MTV series have shared their speculations whether there is a new relationship in the works.

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What happened between Brandon and Jordana?

The pair made several Siesta Key cast members angry after they publicly made out in a previous episode.

Jordana and Brandon’s makeout session didn’t go unnoticed by Brandon’s ex-girlfriend Camilla either and several people made sure to share their reactions.

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Juliette was one of them who confronted Jordana, saying that it was bad for the pair to share a kiss in front of Camilla.

“I know Jordana hooking up with Brandon was what I wanted,” Juliette said on the MTV show. “But I didn’t want for them to throw it in Camilla’s face. It broke my heart to see her hurt after everything she’d already been through with him.”

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Brandon faces his ex after kiss with Jordana

In tonight’s episode (Wednesday, June 16th), Camilla confronts Brandon after his steamy kiss with Jordana.

In a sneak peek shared by Hollywood Life, she admits how hurt she is after seeing her ex “all over some girl” on the group’s island vacation.

“I’m not here to try and upset you or anything like that,” Brandon says to which Camilla replied: “You did. You completely did.”

“Clearly, I care, when I’m sitting with the girls talking and someone’s like, ‘Brandon just kissed Jordana,’” Camilla continues. “I don’t know. I have to act like I don’t care, but instantly, I start crying, obviously, because that hurts me. It makes me think you want me back, but then you act the opposite every time I’m around. I’m struggling with my emotions. I’m obviously putting a front on because I want to seem like I don’t care, or whatever, but I feel like you know, deep down, there’s still feelings for you, obviously.”

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Fans share verdicts on Jordana and Brandon

Fans of the MTV series have shared their opinions whether Brandon and Jordana would become a couple after all.

One fan reacted: “Jordana can do what she wants btw. Brandon shouldn’t be falling for her antics if he wanted Camilla back so bad.”

“I can’t deal with this Brandon/Jordana conversation,” reacted another one referring the episode on June 3rd.

Someone else added on YouTube referring to Juliette’s reaction to Jordana and Brandon’s kiss: “But Jordana was right, it’s none of Juliette’s business. And they’re directing their anger at Jordana when they should be angry with Brandon.”



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