Capital One College Bowl: Who are the Manning Brothers? Meet the NBC hosts!

NBC’s brand new series, Capital One College Bowl welcomes sibling hosts, the Manning brothers. Former NFL star and 2-time Super-bowl champion, Peyton Manning and his TV show host brother, Cooper Manning, will be on screen each week along with students from across America playing to win $1 million in scholarships.

The series which aired last month is a revival of the much-loved 1950’s game show, ‘College Bowl’. This series awards the winners with a life-changing sum of money used to pay for a full four-year college scholarship.

But who exactly are the Manning brothers?

Peyton Manning

Considered by many to be one of the greatest American football quarterbacks in history, Peyton Manning is a former NFL star who played for 18 seasons.

Peyton, 45, is a two time Super Bowl Champion playing first for the Indianapolis Cults and secondly winning with the Denver Broncos in his last season. Next month, Peyton is set to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame to mark his years of achievements.

Husband and father to identical twins, Peyton’s career took a setback in 2011 due to a neck injury, undergoing two surgeries and being unable to play for the entire season.

Since retirement from American football, Peyton has continued to work at the Manning Passing Academy, a premier football camp. Founded by his father, Archie Manning, Peyton has followed in his footsteps as he too was an American football quarterback.

Cooper Manning

Co-host and older brother of Peyton, Cooper is an American TV show host. Predominantly known for ‘The Manning Hour’ on Fox Sports, discussing all things National Football League.

Despite playing American football in his younger days, Cooper was diagnosed with spinal stenosis whilst in college, causing him to quit football. According to experts, if Cooper had have continued to play, the wrong hit could have left him paralyzed or worse.

Cooper has instead focused his career on TV presenting after studying broadcast journalism at the University of Mississippi.

Married with three children, Cooper’s oldest son, Arch, is now also following in the family footsteps as an American football quarterback.

How to watch the show

Capital One College Bowl is available to watch weekly on NBC every Tuesday. Although the American game show is not available on any UK television channel as of yet, NBC is yet to announce the shows release date in the UK.

Updates continue to be posted on social media from the Colleges participating and via NBC Entertainment’s Twitter page. However, to be notified when the series is released in the UK, you can sign up here for updates.

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