Who is Cassandra Aarssen? Meet HGTV's Hot Mess House clutter expert

Hot Mess House launched to HGTV on Wednesday, June 24th and is already is shaping up to be TV’s new Marie Kondo.

The series is fronted by Cassandra Aarssen, a YouTuber turned TV presenter who is known for her ‘no clutter’ nonsense. Over the years, Cas has amassed a following of thousands who respect her approach to living a stress- and clutter-free lifestyle.

They have somehow managed to pull off creating Hot Mess House in lockdown, self-shooting and advising over video chat.

So, with her debut TV series kicking off, we thought it best to get to know Cassandra Aarssen better. Find out everything you need to know about Cas here!

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Who is Cassandra Aarssen?

Cassandra “Cas” Aarssen is a YouTube star, blogger and now TV presenter. She has also written books about her organisational style and journey to founding her company.

Cas was born on December 29th, 1979 making her 40 years old.


Her husband’s name is Joe and they have three children: two daughters and a son.

Given Cassandra’s status as an online influencer, she already has quite a significant following on Instagram. Cass has over 68,000 followers! Check out Cassandra on Instagram @clutterbug_me

Cassandra on HGTV’s Hot Mess House

It was a no-brainer hiring Cassandra Aarssen for the first series of Hot Mess House. The professional organiser has been helping people sort out their homes for years!

Speaking to HGTV about appearing on the show, Cassandra said:

What I tell my clients is, ‘You’re not disorganized—you’re just not organizing for your unique style’. But together, no matter the space, or what’s filling it—I will help you take back control of your home and your life. It’s so important that we let go of the past, so that we have room for the future.

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Take Cassandra’s “clutterbug” quiz

For Cassandra, there are four distinctive clutter styles, which she categorises into ladybugs, crickets, butterflies, and bees.

If you’re curious to know where you fall and more about what that means for you organisation going forwards, then Cassandra has a test you can take!

Take her “clutterbug” quiz on her website.




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