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Photo by Paul Warner/Getty Images

Street Outlaws gang teases new show End Game – and fans are excited

The Street Outlaws gang have done multiple spin-off shows, with new series filmed every year. Now eagle-eyed fans have spotted the 405 crew posting a lot recently on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag “End Game” – so what does it mean?

Well, “End Game” refers to a new Street Outlaws series the gang are filming right now that’s likely be released this year. So far, only a few details have emerged about the upcoming series and fans on Reddit have been trying to work out what it’s all about.

Reality Titbit did its own digging on upcoming show Street Outlaws: End Game.

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Photo by Paul Warner/Getty Images

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Leave No Trace | Official Trailer | Hulu
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The gang’s been posting about End Game

Fans have spotted many of the 405 gang, including Jeff Lutz, have been posting about a new project called End Game.

The 405 gang has just finished filming for America’s List but it appears there’s no rest for the wicked as they are already filming for their next show.

They appear to be building a truck or street car

The posts from the gang appear to show them working on some sort of project involving a truck or street car. Fans have been coming up with their own theories as to what the new show may entail.

In the pictures, they appear to be using a lot of “common” car parts accessible to the general public so it appears likely the show will be “more relatable” to the average viewer. One excited fan on Reddit wrote:

It seems like it’s going to be so much more relatable for most people. Not everyone can run and build a 4000-horsepower car. I can’t wait for this new season.


Fan theories

On Reddit and Twitter, Street Outlaws fans have been guessing what the show is all about, with one theory suggesting they are all working on one big truck or car they will then race against other teams. A fan on Reddit wrote:

I reckon they will be doing up a car together and pitting it against other teams. It’s giving me Street Outlaws: Memphis vibes.


However, another person said:

Just because we have only seen pictures of one car doesn’t mean they are doing up others.


So, it could be multiple vehicles the 405 gang are doing up. We can’t wait to find out the full details!

Street Outlaws is a runaway success

Street Outlaws gives viewers an inside look into the world of American street racing. It shows the best mechanics, engineers and drivers showing off their skills.

Teams compete against rivals to make the top ten list and also race against other states to see whose created the fastest car.

The reality TV series premiered on Discovery Channel on June 10, 2013.



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