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This is how big Blind Frog Ranch is in Utah

Discovery’s Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch became increasingly popular after locals claimed the land was cursed and full of hidden gold and treasure. Duane Ollonger is the owner of the land and has his sights set on finding out what lies beneath his land with its seven underground caves.

If there is actually gold, viewers are wondering how long this could potentially take as the property is pretty huge!

Reality Titbit has all the details on the ranch, including how big it is as well as its mysteries and conspiracies.

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How big is Blind Frog Ranch

Based in Utah’s Uintah Basin lies Ollinger’s whopping 160-acre property – which is the equivalent of 3,032 feet x 3,032 feet.

The property lies about seven huge underground caves and apparently lies in an area of high UFO activity. The property is said to have paranormal connections too.

The ranch is located near La Point, Utah and is also located near the famous Skinwather Ranch, aka, Sherman Ranch.

The Mystery of Blind Frog Ranch

Many fans speculate that the mystery isn’t real but when asked, all of the cast members, as well as crew, have said the show is genuine.

Some fans think the claims of UFO sightings, paranormal activity and treasure in the ground is all made up – but lots of people don’t believe in things that are yet to be proved so there was bound to be some doubters.

There has even been a Reddit thread created by fans who doubt the show is real and one person said,

Does anyone else think this show is… all set?” The nugget they pull and a Spanish coin they pull out of the same hole seems so fake…


Others think the complete opposite and believe there definitely could be UFO activity as well as treasures as the ranch has been proven to lie on a property known for harbouring precious metals.

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Where did Blind Frog Ranch get its name from?

Blind Frog Ranch got its name from its owner while he was out digging for gold and treasure on the property – where instead of gold, he found a bunch of blind frogs.

The frogs were living in the properties caves and had evolved to become blind due to the lack of light entering the caves.

The stories about gold being on the property vary with some people believing that the Spanish conquistadors discovered gold there. The other theory suggests that Mormans took the gold already to make coins.



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